Why Do You Hate Me? We’ve Never Met

Alan J. Schwarz
8 min readApr 25, 2024

Anti-Semitism 2024

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

The silence was deafening as Haskell Cohen walked from the Television Lounge on his floor in residence to his room. Normally the floor would be filled with activities. Students running from one place to the next, but the majority were in a meeting, the one he had just left.

In order to entice all the guys on the floor to show up to the meeting, beer was flowing as the conversation got serious in a hurry.

The meeting was called by Damien Woodley the Res Fellow to discuss concerns about antisemitism on the floor and how it was causing discomfort for Jewish students.

Near the end of the meeting, all the Jewish students were asked to leave for some reason. It seemed strange and weird. It was a bit unnerving for a nineteen year old, but Haskell stood up, complied and left. There were two other Jewish students on the all all male floor, Michel Arinson and Danny Green, they also exited. The three guys were not particularly close, but they had all encountered antisemitic nonsense on the floor because they were Jewish. They didn’t say anything when they walked out of the meeting, but had texted each other with three words ‘’What the Fuck?’’

As Haskell entered his room, he thought about the University experience. He had decided to attend his University because they offered…



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