When you see your ex-wife with a guy you don’t think is right for her

Alan J. Schwarz
10 min readMay 27, 2024

It is never easy to just walk away

Image by Ivana Tomášková from Pixabay

Jerry Slipovitz hated the idea of going to Beth Frankel’s party. He didn’t have much choice, even though he would have done anything to skip it. He felt obliged to go.

Beth had been a good business partner for many years, and over that time they had become very good friends. Jerry was in the Jewelry business and Beth was the best salesperson he had ever dealt with. She could get his custom designed jewelry into all kinds of places and as a result, Jerry had become a very wealthy man. You don’t turn your back on a woman who had your best interests at heart and who worked her butt off for you.

Beth and her husband Harvey lived in a beautiful house in North Oshawa, which was about a forty minute drive from Toronto. Harvey Frankel was a successful architect and he had designed the house that he and his wife lived in, and it was impressive.

The drive on the 401 East was slow, which was no surprise. What was amazing was Harvey and Beth were having their party in Oshawa and the majority of people attending were from Toronto.

Jeffrey knew that Tamara would be there and it made his stomach gurgle. Tamara was an incredible, beautiful, and bright woman who also happened to be his ex-wife. He often…



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