When The Ex Gets Into A Mess…Who Does She Call?

Alan J. Schwarz
7 min readSep 10, 2021

The call came in at three forty-five am and Joel Diskin was not anxious to take it. He was sound asleep and when he saw the number on the call display, he knew it was trouble. He counted to ten hoping the ringing would stop but predictably it didn’t. ‘’Hi Gloria, what’s going on? What’s the problem?’’Gloria DeSantos started crying. ‘’I was with Antony at a country concert, he smoked a lot of weed and before I knew it, he was with another woman, and jumped into my car and drove away. I’m stuck here. Please help me, you’re the only person I can count on.’’

Joel was already rolling out of bed. He had no clue where the concert was being held but he couldn’t desert his ex-wife. They had been married for seven years. They had loved each other in University and married after graduation. After they married their relationship slowly fizzled into a very comfortable non-exciting non-passionate routine. The divorce was discussed over breakfast one morning like they were discussing colours of paint for walls. They vowed they would always be there for each other, but they had to move on and find their respective sparks. They both knew that a Brother and Sister relationship was not acceptable.

The divorce was worked out and both parties were satisfied. The divorce lawyers on both sides were amazed at how much Joel and Gloria supported each other and wanted the best for each other, it was a rarity in the divorce game.

The couple took different paths, Joel focused on his e-gaming company and Gloria looked for a new life partner. Things took a wrong turn for her when she was wooed by a guy named Antony Simoletta. He was introduced to her by his sister Carmela who was Gloria’s hairdresser.

Antony was not a good person but he introduced excitement to Gloria’s life. He took her out for rides on his Motorcycle and he was always ready to party. The last part took a toll on Gloria. She started to indulge with him in both drinks and drugs. She had never dropped acid or got so drunk she didn’t know where she was but it was starting to happen on a regular basis.

The worst mistake Gloria made was giving in to pressure. One day Carmela visited the apartment she was sharing with Antony. ‘’My Brother is crazy about you Gloria. He tells everyone about you. He asked my Mom…

Alan J. Schwarz

Alan Schwarz loves life. He is the founder of JAMS Productions, a television production company based in Toronto . His passion is writing.