What do you do when Hate becomes official and invades Democracy through an election. You say the Nazi playbook is still in effect. Now the Jews must worry once again. England 2024.

Alan J. Schwarz
3 min readMar 1, 2024

George Galloway is back to promote his Anti-Semitic Shit

Image by Erik Nikolai Halsteinrud from Pixabay

Evil never seems to disappear, it just reappears in different forms in different ways. In England in 2024 Evil is known as George Galloway. Galloway or Gaza George is fixated on destroying Israel.

One simply has to look at the statements Galloway has made over the last few years to know he has a very strong agenda of trying to convince people that Israel should be wiped off the map. Galloway has won an election for the Worker’s Party that will allow him speak in the British Parliament. This is a person who will use any platform to try and disparage and defame, and delegitimize Israel.

The fact that Galloway has strong support from the Muslim population is not surprising, he appeals to their base instincts. Fight Israel and try to punish the Jews for supporting the Jewish homeland.

Instead of condemning Hamas for their brutal murders and rapes and hostage taking on October 7th, George Galloway encouraged them. Make no mistake George Galloway, who calls himself Gaza George is their friend.

When the Nazis took over the Bundestag, the rules were changed to suit their purposes and laws were changed to accommodate their hate. The election of George Galloway is concerning in the same way. He makes no bones about his hate for Israel, which means his hate for democracy. He now has a platform to spew his disgusting vitriol. Galloway has made it very clear, he fully supports Hamas a recognized Terrorist organization. He reminds one of Goebbels with his lies and more lies about the only truly Western country in the Middle East. He is a smooth politician who will avoid questions like why are members of the LGBQT community killed for their sexual orientation in places like Gaza and Iran. He will defend the teaching of Hate against Jews by schools and he will talk in cliches about armed struggle as opposed to looking at a population that is ruled with an iron fist by the Hamas terrorists. Oh, he will Never call Hamas a terrorist group, he wouldn’t want to upset his friends.



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