Wendy Evans is Yoko Ono Jr.

Alan J. Schwarz
10 min readMar 15, 2024

Just when the band ‘’Country Bull’’ was heading to success, Wendy Evans got involved and it was a disaster

Image by 19689426 from Pixabay

The crowd was going crazy. The Selson Bar & Barbeque Pit was packed. People were standing outside to hear ‘’Country Bull’’ blasting through speakers. It was a warm night, and the parking lot was filled with Ram trucks with their tailgates down. People were sitting on their truck beds and listening with a passion that hadn’t been witnessed since Garth Brooks hit it big.

Country Bull had broken into the big times by accident. Three guys and a woman playing original country music that nobody had ever heard of. Videos on YouTube with hardly any followers and then bam they blasted into the stratosphere.

It all happened at the halftime show of the Domingo Cougars versus the Lanarch Monarchs. The band was offered three hundred dollars to play at halftime during the Championship game. Hank Apple (Henry Applebaum, the founder of the group) had talked to everyone and the lead singer Freddy Katz thought it would be fun.

The group trucked their equipment over to the playing field, and started to set up. Army Stevens, the Athletic Director for Domingo came running over. He was the only guy that Hank knew who had a brush cut from the fifties. The guy was lost in a time warp. . ‘’Hi guys. I’m glad I caught you. I’ve talked with some parents and they would prefer to see the Monarch Marching Band, so I’m going to have to cancel your half time performance.’’

Hank looked at Army with an anger swelling up inside. ‘’Army, it’s three hundred bucks. We were doing it for basically nothing. Give us a Fucking break. You don’t want us to play at halftime, that’s fine. But give us the money you promised us so we can at least cover our gas.’’

Army looked embarrassed, ‘’Uh, I’ve got to give the three hundred to the Marching Band so they can go to Dairy Queen after the game. I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a hundred dollars out of my pocket, but you have to do one song before the game. Is that cool?’’ When Hanks said okay, the other members of Country Bull looked like they wanted to kill him.

Melissa Yang who played lead guitar shook her head. ‘’We’re the only band in history that is going backwards every show instead of moving forward. What a pile…



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