Walking down the Aisle with my Daughter…A Father’s feelings…

Alan J. Schwarz
4 min readApr 29, 2021

To say that I loved my daughter would be an understatement. She has always meant the world to me and I have always wanted just two things for her, health and happiness.

LC was always the most personable and smartest girl in the room. She attracted attention without even trying. When she decided to go to Medical school and become a pediatrician, my wife Tamara and I couldn’t have been happier.

She accepted a position with a clinic in Toronto and we were thrilled. Then one day she came home with Howard. I hadn’t heard of Howard before he joined us for our Friday Night, Shabbat dinner.

Howard was in his words a ‘’Lawyer/Entrepreneur.’’ He said he focused his practice on corporate commercial but his heart was in egaming. I looked at my beautiful, radiant daughter and kept thinking ‘’LC, you can do so much better’’ but I would never say anything out loud. She obviously liked Howard and I was not going to bud in, she was a twenty five year old woman and would make her own life decisions.

When they left, I asked my wife what she thought ‘’No question in my mind, get your check book ready, we are going to have a wedding.’’ I felt like passing out.

Soon, Howard was at every family event. On LC’s twenty-sixth Birthday she came to our place with Howard and flashed a beautiful engagement ring. As usual, my wife had been right.

Howard’s parents were very decent people. They had a business together (drapes and flooring) and they doted on their son. Marvin Levine confided he and his wife Amy fell in love with LC as soon as they met her. Their other children, Devorah and Josh were really thrilled she would be joining the family. Amy added ‘’They are going to have beautiful Grandchildren for us.’’

I felt like passing out, I hadn’t even thought about Grandchildren. I could still remember bouncing LC on my knee when she was a baby, how had time flown so fast? My wife came over to revive me. ‘’Honey, you seem to be in some kind of trance, let’s entertain our future Machatunim.’’

The Wedding was taking place at one of the largest synagogues in Toronto and it was a pretty packed house. LC and Howard knew a lot of people and combined with relatives it was going to be…



Alan J. Schwarz

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