University Was Supposed To Be Fun

Alan J. Schwarz
10 min readJun 29, 2024

What happened to Laughs, Beer Pong and Good Times?

Image by luchettigarcia from Pixabay

Alan Luftspring looked over at his roommate and walked slowly to the bathroom they shared. In exactly two weeks, his first year University experience would be over and he was counting the days.

He liked his roomie, Mike Lions. Mikey was a nice guy from Halifax Nova Scotia. The problem was Mike was oblivious to the things that Alan had felt and experienced during the year. The truth was Mike was a first year engineering student and lived in a bubble. He hung out with his girlfriend Ruth, he drank beer at every opportunity and was more interested in playing Fortnight then looking around at what was happening on campus.

It had all started going wrong for Alan during the first week of University also known as Orientation. He had gone with a bunch of guys from his floor to a party on the seventh floor of the Reddison Dorm. The theme of the party was ‘’Starting the Year Right.’’

The music was a mix of Kendrick Lamar and Drake with some Kenny Chesney and Dua Lipa thrown in. It was eclectic. A girl named Spooner was DJ’ing.

Alan had brought over a six pack of Corona and was standing in the hall looking for somewhere to put it, when a cute blonde girl came over. ‘’Hi, I’m Tammy, want to smoke a joint?’’ Alan was not a big toker, but she was…



Alan J. Schwarz

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