This is your life Lenny Blendal…Welcome to Tic Tok…

Alan J. Schwarz
6 min readApr 19, 2021

Selling a startup for big money was something that Lenny Blendal never expected, but it happened and Lenny’s life changed in days. He had always noticed that when going to different places there weren’t lot of public toilets if you needed to go, you were in trouble. He was also concerned that some of the public spaces were stinky and not very well maintained. He created ‘’Toilet Find’’ and it had taken off. The concept was basic. Instead of using a public toilet, you could go to private restaurant and be allowed access to the toilet in exchange for a token that would be deposited into the restaurant’s account. The token would be worth two dollars. If you stayed and purchased something at the restaurant for ten dollars or over, you would receive a one dollar discount. At the end of every month the restaurants had the option of exchanging their tokens for cash. It was a win win situation for all involved.

Lenny figured there would be ten or twenty restaurants who took advantage of ‘’Toilet Find’’, instead there were thousands and the network kept growing. When he was approached by a Venture Capital Fund and offered fifty million dollars he sold out. The VC’s were taking the Toilet Find concept to Europe and South America.

When Forbes ran an article with his picture that read ‘’Turning Toilets to Gold’’ Lenny was inundated with people wanting to meet him, interview him, and in some cases date him.

Lenny never considered himself the most Adonis type of guy, but some of the women making contact were beyond beautiful. He was advised by his financial advisors to stay away from these women as a lot of them were gold diggers, but Lenny had never dated a Super Model or women that would be considered a Victoria Secret model and he wanted to. He wanted to feel what it was like to be on a date with an exceptionally attractive woman.

Lenny did the same kind of research that he did when looking for good toilets for his business. He sat down and looked at profiles of women who had contacted him on social media, he googled, and he looked at who they had dated in the past. If they had been with notorious bad guys he wasn’t interested in getting involved with them.

He finally decided to slide a Direct Message into a beautiful model who seemed classy and…

Alan J. Schwarz

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