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Alan J. Schwarz
3 min readNov 22, 2021
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I try not to Jaywalk. In the last ten years I’ve been able to avoid getting a speeding ticket. It is crazy but somehow I’ve found myself in the jail.

I am ‘’under investigation’’ for a story I wrote. After looking at it objectively, I changed both the title and the picture for fear they could have been salacious, but that hasn’t stopped the investigation from happening.

I wrote about a woman I always had a huge crush on. I ran into her years after we were in High school together and her life was very interesting. She drove a Lamborghini and lived in a condo in the Four Seasons in Yorkville, a high end neighbourhood in Toronto.

After thirty years we finally went on a brunch date and it was fantastic. She exuded class and quality. The date was beyond my wildest dreams, it was perfect on every level.

When we went back to her place, we watched a movie, had a late dinner and had some very romantic moments. It was a superb night. As I was planning to leave early the next morning, she confided that she made her living by acting as a ‘’discreet companion’’ for different men who were in stratified corporate air. She said that her schedule was extremely hectic as she often flew to different exotic locations for a couple of weeks at a time. Basically, she kindly and gently dumped me.

I didn’t write about the experience for a few months after it happened. It was a different type of situation and I wanted to be respectful. I wrote the story and published it. I used public domain photos and published. That’s when I got the message that my account was under investigation.

I really hate racism and gratuitous violence, and I would ban anybody who was a proponent of any of those things and wrote about them in a positive light. Having a relationship with a woman who was a professional companion without getting into graphic sexual details doesn’t seem worthy of being ‘’investigated’’ by

It is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me. I find it intriguing and nerve wracking at the same time. Every time I open up my page I see the banner informing me that I could possibly be in violation of something.



Alan J. Schwarz

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