There’s no place like the Farm…

Alan J. Schwarz
8 min readFeb 9, 2021

Eddie Sokoloff spent every summer working with his Dad on their Dairy farms. Joe Sokoloff and his Dad and Uncles had been very busy buying up farms around his area and milking cattle. The more they milked the bigger the milk check. The problem was finding good help, it wasn’t easy.

Joe Sokoloff had a foreman named Lenny who made sure that things ran smoothly at all the farm locations and that took a lot of pressure off Joe who spent a lot of his time buying and selling cattle. He and his brother had become one of the biggest cattle exporters of dairy cattle to the United States.

When Eddie was about to enter University his friend Derrick’’Pimp’’ Patton told him about a great summer job opportunity. The pay was very good and he was sure they would have a good time. Pimp’s Dad (who worked for the City) knew the owners of a Construction company and they had agreed to hire Pimp and one of his friends.

Eddie felt awkward when he told his parents about the new summer job, and he caught the disappointment in his Dad’s eyes. ‘’Son, I will miss being with you, but if you decide you want to be in construction, all I can do is wish you luck.’’ Eddie’s Mom, Marion was blunt. ‘’Construction can be dangerous and Dad looks forward all year to spending time with you in the summer. Life is short, work with Dad, the benefits will be much better.’’ Eddie thought about it. ‘’Mom, I think I need to give a different job a try.’’ He finished dinner and called Pimp. ‘’Yup, I’m good to start working on Monday, where do I go and what do I need to do.’’

Pimp told him where to buy hard toe work boots, a hard hat and a fluorescent vest. Eddie found it strange that he had to pay for these items, but Pimp explained that it was standard operating procedure. ‘’Don’t worry, they’ll probably pay you back, you have to go to work ready and prepared. The work site is at fifty nine west Pegasus. You report to Construction Trailer #2 at six am.’’

Monday morning at five fifteen Eddie rolled out for his new summer job. He arrived at the construction trailer at five twenty five and knocked on the door. There was no answer. He rapped a few more times and he heard voices inside, so he walked in. Two guys were in serious conversation, one of them wearing a white hard hat looked over at him and snarled. ‘’What the…

Alan J. Schwarz

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