The Virus That There’s No Cure For…

Alan J. Schwarz
3 min readDec 3, 2022

The Resurgence of Hate led by a Rapper

When you lose family members to genocidal killers and some fuck head suggests that the monsters responsible weren’t so bad, you feel like vomiting. Kanye West there was absolutely nothing good about (I hate to even write the name) Hitler.

Unfortunately, the Jewish people have had to deal with Anti-Semitic haters for centuries, but after a relatively stable time in the United States, the Jewish community is under siege thanks to the rantings of a high-profile lunatic. The fact the attack is being led by an African American man who is showing love and support for the Nazis is mind boggling.

My family lived in Germany for four hundred years before they were forced to leave because of the hate being espoused by the Nazis. So many Jews who were established in Germany never thought it could happen. They had been involved in every aspect of German life and contributed so much to German society, they never expected that they would become dehumanized and murdered by their neighbours.

Kanye West (I also hate writing his name) has thirty-two million followers. He is delegitimizing the Holocaust and the number of Jews murdered. Facts don’t matter to this bozo, and he is spreading the propaganda to his avid followers.

What shocks me is the deafening silence from high profile celebrities and athletes in regard to what this hater is doing. We in the Jewish community know what this kind of hateful rhetoric leads to, and the fact he is receiving exposure and coverage without being challenged is awful.

Many people who have an antisemitic agenda, blame Israel for all the woes in the world and for the rise in Jew hatred. The truth is there was no Israel in 1938 and six million Jews were brutally killed. They were singled out and murdered. Who did it, those who agreed with the Nazi doctrine. Today, thank Gd there is an Israel as they will never let that happen to Jews again.

It is disappointing in 2022 that Nazis are being loved, all one has to do is listen to Kanye, and the BDS movement. Same agenda. Hate the Jews, point them out, delegitimize them, dehumanize them, talk lies and spread bigger lies.

The clock has started ticking for the Jews of the world. The hate is getting stronger every day. Europe is a mess and North America is no longer the stable safe environment it used to be.

I don’t know what the future will be, but when you get Antisemitic haters who publicly announce they want to go ‘’Death Con 3'’ on the Jews and share that sentiment with their thirty-two million followers, there is a huge problem. It is a daunting, scary problem.

The virus is back (even though it never really went away) and we in the Jewish community have to be prepared. For every action there is a reaction, and the rapper pushing hate, is encouraging his followers and we all know that is going to lead to serious problems for the Jewish community. Sigh, bad reactions are certain to happen sooner than later.



Alan J. Schwarz

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