The Security Guard From Hell

Alan J. Schwarz
5 min readJan 17, 2024

Or how an ignoramus cost a home owner millions of dollars

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

It was going to be a huge night for the Soles family. After months of discussion, the decision had been made that they were going to purchase a new home in North Scottsdale. The Soles (after doing much research) were seriously considering the Terravita development. Their Realtor had said very good things about the place. They were also considering another development called Silver Leaf.

Carly Soles was unhappy about her parents selling their house. It was in horse country and she loved it. She went riding every time she came home from University. Her parents had said they wanted to downsize and Carly had no choice but to accept the fact that changes were coming.

Jeannie Soles, Carly’s Mom, made a call to Terravita. She explained that she and her husband were considering buying a home in the development and they were curious to see what the restaurant at Terra Vita was like. Food was important to the Soles family.

The woman who took the call at the restaurant made a reservation for the three members of the Soles family for Thursday at six thirty pm. She ended the call by telling Jeannie she was looking forward to meeting her and was confident the family would love the food. ‘’Our Executive Chef, Jesse Grunther is amazing.’’

It took about thirty five minutes to arrive at Terravita from the Sole’s home. When Carly pulled up to the gate, there was nobody near the security gate. She put the Jeep she was driving in park ‘’This is kind of strange, there’s seemingly nobody in the security hut. Maybe we should call the restaurant.’’ Just as she finished the statement, a guy emerged from the little security building. He was about thirty and walked very slowly, looking at the jeep like it was a spaceship from another planet. He was carrying a clipboard.

The guy stood about five foot nine and had a Fu Manchu moustache and a pony tail. He had a scowl on his face as he looked at Carly. ‘’What do ya want?’’ Carly smiled at him ‘’Oh, we’re here for dinner. We have reservations at the restaurant.’’ The Security Guard grimaced. ‘’Do you live here?’’ Carly shook her head ‘’No, but we called and made reservations, for dinner, we should be on your list.’’ After glancing at his clipboard the Security Guard was…



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