The Hockey Match….OBSO ON T.O.

Alan J. Schwarz
3 min readNov 21, 2020

I have a seven year old Nephew, Jonathan Phillip Matthew Schwarz, who plays hockey, or at least he gives his heart and soul to hockey.

Jonathan is on a team called ‘’The Souvenirs’’, an original name for a hockey club if there ever was one. I guess it could have been worse his team could have been ‘’Jimmy’s Heavy Hot Dogs’’ or ‘’Milo’s Tool and Dye.’’

One morning Jonathan called and asked if I could take him to a game as the Souvenirs were playing the Markham Warriors and his Daddy had to go away on a business trip.

I thought to myself the route would be on, how can Souvenirs beat Warriors. I told Jonathan it would be my pleasure and honour to take him to the game. My Brother called a few minutes later and said I would need to help Jonathan put on his equipment and I knew this was going to be a problem. I was lousy when it came to helping him put on his hockey gear.

Even though I played hockey for years, I was never very good with equipment. I remember one memorable occasion when I had to leave a game in the middle of the first period because I had somehow forgotten to put on my jock. As it happened (Murphy’s Law) someone took a shot which deflected up and hit my knee. In the ensuing pile up I kept my gloves strategically placed and prayed that no skates would get near my groin area. I was relieved when I could get off the ice and into the locker room.

When I picked Jonathan up for the game we were running late, so we rushed into the locker room and I helped him get dressed for the game. Poor Jonathan, I had enough trouble putting on my own equipment, it took me about forty five minutes to get his gear on semi-properly.

I tied his skates and put his helmet on. He followed his teammates onto the ice, did one spin around, and asked the Coach to retie his laces as they weren’t tight enough.

I sat away from all the parents (they act as as though the kids are playing for the Stanley Cup and forget about the fun factor) and watched from a seat at the end of the arena as the puck was dropped and the game began.

I wasn’t crazy about the Coach, he made Jonathan miss every second shift so he could put ‘’better’’ players on the ice. I believe when a kid is seven they all have tremendous potential to be…



Alan J. Schwarz

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