The Dangers of Sleep Talking…

Alan J. Schwarz
6 min readSep 9, 2021

The rain was pounding on the roof and this must have influenced Morrie Pletz's desire to go to the washroom. He gently left the bed as he didn’t want to disturb his wife Kara.

He felt like he was sleepwalking but he knew he was awake. It was a weird kind of fog to be in. Lately, he found he wasn’t sleeping as soundly as he used to, and he couldn’t figure out why.

Morrie had been to the ‘’ RMS (Restful Monitored) Sleep Clinic’’ a couple of months ago, and the report from the respirologist had been very positive. He had slept eight hours with a normal pattern of breathing and there were no abnormalities that were spotted during the night.

He finished tinkling and went back to bed. He wanted to continue a dream he had the night before about hanging out on a beautiful patio with friends, enjoying sunshine and good food. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get back to sleep and ended up trying to mirror Kara’s breaths to get into a sleep rhythm. He looked at the clock and it read three twenty-seven. He wanted to sleep as he had a big day coming up.

When sleep did come, he had a strange dream about a woman in his office named Jennifer. She was recently divorced and had announced that she was going to spend a year in the most hedonistic ways possible. Her husband had been boring and she told the office, she was going to ‘’go wild.’’ It was strange that he was dreaming about Jennifer as they never really interacted and he was happily married to Kara.

The next night when Morrie went to bed, he felt wiped out. He had another strange dream. He was trading his very comfortable and reliable Toyota Camry SX for a convertible BMW. He woke up when it was time to transfer the money to the dealership.

The dreams were incredibly vivid and were always about some part of his life that he wasn’t thinking about. It was like something was forcing him to conjure up thoughts about things he would never normally care about.

Morrie had a bunch of excellent friends. They all played poker together once a week and every year they went on two trips together. In the summer they would go fly-in fishing for five days, and in the winter they’d go to Las Vegas for three nights, four days, and have a wonderful time.



Alan J. Schwarz

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