Alan J. Schwarz
14 min readOct 27, 2020

Martin Lewis was sixty five when he started dating Barbara Singer. He knew he liked her when she told him to call her ‘’Bar’’. She said it was the name all of her friends used and it fit her personality better than the more formal Barbara. She was fifty five and divorced and also very pretty, which didn’t hurt.

Bar had two children from her previous marriage, Robbie was twenty eight and Diana was twenty four. Robbie had an apartment in downtown Toronto and Diana lived with her in a Condo in North Toronto.

Martin had never been married, so he liked the idea of family and Bar was able to include her children in many of the activities they did together. As an example when they went to the Royal Ontario Museum her kids showed up for a couple of hours and then skedaddled. It left the rest of the afternoon for Bar and Martin to go back to his place and make love.

Bar was very good in bed, she knew what she liked and she knew how to give Martin much pleasure. It was no match, he fell in love and couldn’t think of not being with Bar. He had been a bachelor for his entire life, but he was ready for change and her name was Bar.

Due to the Pandemic it was decided to have a very small and intimate wedding ceremony. Martin’s brother Jerry and his wife Lana, his Sister Melissa and her husband Carl, and his Nieces and Nephews joined him at the Beth L’Chaim Synagogue for the service. On Bar’s side there were her children and her Sister Deb. Her Brother lived in Florida and because of Covid-19 he couldn’t make the trip.

The service was relatively fast and there was some shmoozing and then the party was over. Bar held on to their Ketuba and they headed back to Martin’s Condo for their honeymoon.

Bar had worked in retail all of her adult life and she was now ready to spend her time in retirement and shopping online. She suggested to Martin that they should have a joint account and he went with her to the bank and put one hundred thousand in an account they would share.

The hundred thousand seemed to spark a curiosity in Bar, she was very interested in finding out how much money Martin had and what kind of assets. They had never discussed it while dating. She knew Martin was comfortable, she just never thought about how comfortable.



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