The Craziest Date

Alan J. Schwarz
9 min readJan 20, 2021

Miles Kutziner was working on a Media/PR campaign for Innova Shoes, a brand new shoe manufacturer. Miles thought the company was extraordinary, and he honestly thought Innova could become dominant in their category of leisure shoes. The company took recycled plastic and created the most comfortable boat shoes on the market. Thick form-fitting insoles made you feel like you were walking on air. What was really cool was the Nanotechnology that was part of the shoes. Data could be extracted that showed movement, and distance traveled.

Mile’s Executive Assistant Margo ran into his office with a strange look on her face, ‘’Miles, it’s Chloe Levine. She said it is urgent that she speaks with you.’’

Miles couldn’t think of why Chloe wanted to talk, her Media/PR campaign had gone flawlessly and she had been featured in stories all over the internet. Her Tic Tok Videos had almost two million views. She was going to be featured on the cover of AARP magazine which had a circulation in the millions. Everything was perfect, including the fact she had paid a considerable fee for his Agency’s services and was pleased with the results.

‘’Hi Chloe, let me guess, The Food Network is going to do a series with you.‘’ Chloe laughed, ‘’Oh Miles, if I was twenty years younger and not madly in love with my husband you’d be in such trouble. Anyway, the reason I called you is my Niece Sandy. She’s beautiful and you were supposed to take her out. I told Sandra you’d be giving her a call, so don’t make me look bad.’’

Miles laughed ‘’I promise, I’ll call her tonight. Chloe, you are too much. I appreciate you trying to fix me up, but I promise I’m okay.’’ Chloe giggled. ‘’You don’t get it, I’m not worried about you at all, I just think you and Sandra would be the perfect match, she’s gorgeous and smart, and I’m not biased at all.’’

After they hung up Miles thought about the Jewish women he’d met who wanted to fix him up with their daughters and nieces. He always felt flattered and followed up on their requests, but so far there hadn’t been any real connections.

When he called Sandra, her response was tepid. ‘’Yeah, Hi Miles, My Aunt said wonderful things about you. I’m about to go into my aerobics class. Why don’t we meet for a drink tomorrow night at eight-thirty at Earl’s Tin Palace? I’m five…

Alan J. Schwarz

Alan Schwarz loves life. He is the founder of JAMS Productions, a television production company based in Toronto . His passion is writing.