The Craziest and Smartest Dog Ever: Lucky Puppy Schwarz

The things you can learn from a fifteen year old dog

Alan J. Schwarz


A fluffy white labrador puppy
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I never knew I could love a dog as much as I love Lucky Schwarz. I had other dogs that I was absolutely crazy about, but Lucky has been beyond special since the day my family found him.

It started with my Mom who loved having a dog around. She went to a breeder’s place and out of a large group of puppies she chose Lucky. It was one of the best decisions she ever made in her life.

My Dad was on dialysis for eighteen years and would start every morning by saying ‘’Hello Little Fellow, How are you doing today?’’ He never admitted how much he liked Lucky but we all knew. Lucky would follow him around and lay down on the floor beside my Dad’s bed when my Father came home from a four hour dialysis treatment. Lucky wouldn’t leave his side till my Father was up and about.

Over the years, Lucky developed a very nice personality and was quite fun to be around. He would get in trouble for little things, but nobody could ever be upset with him for more than two minutes, that’s how it works when you’re an adorable dog who is loved.

When my Dad passed, Lucky was of tremendous comfort to my Mom and was her best friend. He loved her and she loved him and the bond was real and solid. When my Mom got ill, Lucky never left her alone. He sensed something wasn’t right. When she passed, he spent days looking out our Bay window waiting for her to return. He didn’t eat for two days. Eventually he returned to himself but he often ran into my Mom’s room and stood beside the bed looking up at it. It was extremely emotional to watch him.

When my Sister and I decided to sell my parent’s home, we knew it would be tough on Lucky but the time had come. We moved into a very large house with a serious stairway to the upstairs bedrooms.

On Lucky’s first night, he stayed at the foot of the stairs and while he didn’t seem happy, he adjusted to not being able to make it up to the top. He was fifteen years old and it looked like he had resigned himself to not exploring the mysteries of the bedrooms on the second floor.

Three nights he stayed in the downstairs, and he started crying at four thirty am to go…



Alan J. Schwarz

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