The Best Neighbour….

Alan J. Schwarz
9 min readJun 24, 2021

Churchill Lane was located in a very nice area of Toronto. It wasn’t a well-known spot, but the houses were expensive and the people on the street were a real community.

Rarely were houses bought and sold. The Jefferson’s sold their home to Wei Chi when he knocked on their door and offered them crazy money, but for the most part, the people who were in the houses stayed put for years.

Max Greenberg was a very successful Lawyer. He had settled a case against a major corporation in a class-action lawsuit that ended up paying him millions in fees.

Max had gotten married to Sylvia Wise while they were in first-year Law School. It seemed like the right thing to do, they had a passion for each other and the law. They followed different career paths. Max joined a large law firm and Sylvia became in-house counsel to a major film studio. After five years with WAFWOT Communications, Sylvia was offered the opportunity to head to Australia and handle studio business for Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. It would mean moving to Sydney.

The couple had a serious discussion about life and their future. They had been married seven great years, but neither felt the need to hold on to the marriage for the sake of holding on to the marriage. Max knew Sylvia wanted to go to Australia and he didn’t want to hold her back or leave his career behind. Sylvia knew that she and Max were solid, but there could have been more in their marriage. They mutually agreed that they would love each other forever, but an amicable divorce was called for. Max kept the house on Churchill Lane, buying Sylvia out and they divided the rest of their assets. It was probably the friendliest divorce in history. They both wanted the other to succeed and be happy.

Max was friendly with everyone on Churchill Lane, and really liked his next-door neighbour’s Sarah and Jack Applebee. Jack was a serial entrepreneur who had recently bought the Lakes and Shade golf course. Sarah had been a news anchor before marrying Jack. She had consistently great rating. One night as her newscast was ending she announced that she was leaving the station to write a book and spend more time with her husband.

Jack’s business success helped his ego grow out of whack. He really believed he was a lady’s man and he shared that…

Alan J. Schwarz

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