Terror At The Liquidators

Alan J. Schwarz
5 min readMar 12, 2022

Mental Health Issues or Drugs?

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Herschell Ostrepeller considered himself the greatest bargain hunter in South Florida. His passion for finding discount places off the beaten path, and buying name brands at a fraction of the normal cost gave him a sense of tremendous satisfaction.

He found a discount place that specialized in pharmaceutical goods. It was located behind a Crematorium in Hollywood, Florida. He bought all kinds of ointments that were just past expiry dates at huge discounts.

Herschell found a bakery outlet for a famous brand in an industrial plaza in Dania, Florida. The cakes and cookies were all frozen and some were a year old, but Herschell didn’t care. After thawing them out, he put the baked goods like cupcakes in the microwave and they tasted like they were fresh out of the oven.

The most exciting place that Herschell discovered was a huge warehouse store in Lauderhill, Florida. The place was amazing they sold products from Costco and the prices were sensational. The warehouse store was run by a woman named Lupe and her son Eduardo.

On a bright Tuesday morning, Herschell woke up and headed over to the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. After a nice long and relaxing walk he stopped for breakfast at Ocean Alley. He was enjoying the view of the ocean when he thought about his agenda for the day. He was in the insurance business and had three clients he needed to contact about policy renewals and then he would head off to Lupe & Eduardo’s Discount Paradise.

His clients were great and getting them to renew their insurance policies via docusign was a no brainer. Using Zoom had changed the need for face to face meetings and it made Herschell’s life much easier.

He jumped into his Toyota Camry SE and got on the I95 and headed North. He arrived at his destination in twenty five minutes and walked into the massive store. Lupe spotted him immediately and came running over. ‘’So nice to see you Herschell, I have a bunch of new skids that I’ve put out. I know last time you were here you asked about white dress shirts, take a look they’re on the table over by the window. Ten dollars a shirt. I know you wanted new running shoes and I received a shipment, they’re on the rack at the back of the store.’’ Herschell was overwhelmed…



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