Skidding out the door…

Alan J. Schwarz
12 min readMar 24, 2021

Benny Goodson had never been happier. He was deeply madly in love with Alison Crontin even though they had only been on two dates.

The best way to describe Benny would be to compare him to a squat brick house. He was in perpetual motion and didn’t believe in wasting one second of time. He was in the Insurance business and had done very well selling medical health insurance and life insurance. He always laughed at the irony, on the one hand, he was selling people policies to help them keep alive, on the other hand, he had them covered if they kicked the bucket.

He met Alsion Crontin via the infamous Love and Passion Dating Site. It was a dating service that catered to people who were in the more mature years and had a zest for life.

Alison was in the Interior Design business. She was fifty-four and was quite attractive. On their first date, they went to an Italian restaurant called Tutto Bene. It was absolutely fantastic and they had a phenomenal time. After the date, they went back to Alison’s Condo for a glass of wine and a piece of cake. Even though he was stuffed from the Pasta Primavera with Goat Cheese, Benny ate a slice of the homemade Chocolate Mousse cake.

The next date was more elaborate. Alison had been invited to a fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Ontario and she had invited Benny to be her guest. The dinner was three courses and it was all Vegan which he loved. They once again went back to Alison’s place where they enjoyed coffee and apple pie. They also started to get to know one another more intimately.

Benny spoke to Alison a couple of times a day and he asked her if she wanted to go see the Toronto Maple Leaf’s play on Saturday Night. His good friend, Arnie Shaipiro had two tickets that he wasn’t using as he was heading to his cottage with his wife and family. She was excited about the idea.

The Leafs beat the Ottawa Senators in a blowout. It ended six nothing for the home team and the crowd was jovial. It was a twenty-five-minute ride back to Alison’s place and she invited Benny up. As they were entering the elevator she smiled at him ‘’I hope you don’t have any plans for tomorrow.’’ It was music to his ears.

They drank wine and danced to a Luther Vandross song. Soon, they were undressing each other and it was one…



Alan J. Schwarz

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