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Alan J. Schwarz
6 min readOct 15, 2021
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The best way to describe Jodie Frokis was adorable and beyond cute. She was twenty one, an extroverted dynamo who had a big, friendly personality. She stood five four, with dark black hair and an amazing and hypnotic smile. She was one of those people that everybody wanted to be friends with. She played tennis and was very athletic. Jodie was the essence of goodness. She had three desires in life. She wanted to be close with her family, she wanted to meet a guy she could spend her life with, and she wanted to have children and raise a family.

Max Himmelfarb was completely enamored with Jodie. From the moment he met her in their Analytics class he was smitten. He had asked her out, but had been rejected. She explained she had been dating a guy named Bruce Logan and things were getting serious between them. Max immediately googled Bruce and found out he was from the Logan banking family and he was a quarterback on the University football team. He had a pedigree, Max didn’t have close to the same background. He hoped Bruce would treat Jodie right, but that’s all he could do.

After getting the ‘’Sorry, but I’m seeing someone’’ speech, Max remained friendly with Jodie but made no more overtures about dating. Life at Carleton University was fantastic and Max eventually met a great girl named Kelly Charles. She enthusiastically accepted his invitation to go out and soon they were dating on a regular basis.

Kelly was very supportive and spent a lot of time in Max’s dorm room. His roommate Richard thought she was amazing. The more the three of them hung out together, the more the chemistry between Richard and Kelly seemed to develop.

One night while the three were at a restaurant in the Byward Market called ‘’Mexicali Rosie’s’’ enjoying authentic Mexican food and Tequila, Kelly and Richard addressed the elephant in the room. Kelly started the conversation and Richard jumped in. ‘’Uh, Max, we think you are a phenomenal guy. Richard and I were talking about how much we like and respect you, so this is kind of hard.’’ Max almost choked on his refried beans. ‘’Well, it’s just something has happened.’’ Richard asked the waitress for another round of Margaritas. ‘’What Kelly is trying to say is, we have developed really strong feelings for each other. We don’t want to make you feel bad, but we would like to see each…

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