The meeting was beyond boring and Alan Sampson was feeling restless. He had been to seven different sessions about taxes and tax avoidance and his brain needed escape.

Alan went down to the bar to grab a bite and a drink, then he thought he’d head to his room and watch some HBO. There was one more day left of the most boring Accounting seminar he had ever attended.

He had gone under protest, but as a partner of the company sponsoring the event, he had no choice. There were clients, and potential clients, and representatives from different levels of Government and of course other Accountants.

It was while munching on a slice of over cooked cheese pizza and sipping on a glass of diet coke that Angie Paschal walked into the bar. She sat down at a different table and picked up a menu. It was obvious she hadn’t seen him.

Angie’s husband Larry Paschal was someone that Alan had known for years. They were in the same B’Nai Brith lodge together. He walked over to Angie’s table and introduced himself.’’Hi Angie, I’m Alan Sampson’’ before he could finish Angie laughed ‘’I know who you are, Larry’s talked about you, please sit down and join me. I could used some company and I can’t handle another word about off shore companies and maintaining compliance documentation.’’

When the waitress came over Alan ordered a Greek Salad and a Grilled Cheese sandwich. Angie put her hand on top of his, which he found a little strange. ‘’So, that’s how you keep your boyish figure, I’m going to have the French Onion Soup, I can always diet tomorrow.’’ Alan smiled ‘’Trust me, you don’t need to worry about that.’’

Angie had a big grin on her face, ‘’I appreciate men who are good judges of character and a woman’s body.’’ For a second Alan thought the conversation was going in a strange direction, but he was certain he was over thinking things.

‘’So Larry never told me, did you ever get married or are you the oldest bachelor on the planet.’’ When she put it like that it made Alan feel kind of creepy. ‘’I keep on looking for love, but all the good women are taken, you’re a case in point.’’

All of a sudden Angie had a serious look cross her face and she took a deep breath. ‘’I wish Larry felt that way. We’ve been together nine years and I’m afraid our marriage is over. We are just separating, and we both know divorce is going to happen. We’re trying to keep things amicable. We have a boy and a girl, but they will be fine. Something happens between people, the spark disappears and before you know it, you’re just never happy. I mean we try and we’ve tried but the time has come to find our next chapters.’’

Alan studied Angie’s face and he thought she was a very pretty woman. She was about five two and her teeth were perfectly white. She was a blonde with blue eyes and she was the kind of woman you would or could never ignore.

‘’When Larry and I got married, we were both climbing the corporate ladder. When we reached our goals, I guess it deflated us in a strange way, like where’s the next challenge. The next thing I know we’re having kids and that’s fine, but there is still something missing. So, we have decided we need to fill the void and that means self exploration and growing. It is not easy, but you’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do. We’ve never been unfaithful, and neither of us are kinky, so the only way we can spice up our lives is to find new partners and build new happier relationships. Oh my Gawd, what have I done, I told you way too much information, I am so sorry. I guess it was on my brain looking for an outlet.’’ She reached over and once again put her hand on Alan’s but this time she let it sit there for a couple of minutes.

The food was delivered and Alan kept thinking of the right thing to say. ‘’I get it, I guess that’s why I’m still single, I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many faces. I would be happy to settle down with the right woman, but right now I have to admit I’m really enjoying life.’’

After finishing their meal, they talked for a few minutes about the next day. It was the last day of the seminar and then they’d be heading back to Toronto. As they were about to get up from their meal, Angie’s phone rang. She excused herself and walked away from the table. Alan grabbed the bill and thought about HBO and wondered what kind of movie or sports he’d watch

It was eight o’clock which was a perfect time to just chill and decompress. He had no desire to hang out with anybody from the seminar and liked keeping a low profile. He looked around and Angie had disappeared so he headed for the elevator.

He was waiting for the door to open when Angie walked up beside him. ‘’It was my kids, they wanted to check in to make sure everything was going well for me at the ‘’convention.’’ They are the Best. I’m really proud of them. They are both super smart, and I have to give Larry credit, he spends a lot of time with them and he provides unconditional love.’’

It was time for Alan to say goodnight, HBO was waiting for him. He didn’t want to seem uninterested in Angie’s family stories, but he was. They took the elevator up to their respective floors, they said their good nights and Angie got off on the eighth.

After a nice long hot shower, Alan climbed into bed, turned on HBO and within minutes was fast asleep.

The next day all the offshore seminars were packed. There were a lot of question and answer sessions and people felt enriched by the experience. There was a goodbye dinner for all the keynote speakers and a select group of guests, Angie was one of those guests.

Alan was sitting with a Professor of Economics talking about bitcoin, when Angie came over. ‘’I was wondering if you want to grab a drink after dinner.’’ Alan said it would be great and they made a time to meet in the bar.

There was a live eighties band playing in the now packed bar. Alan spotted Angie in the corner, she had secured a small table with two seats. ‘’Hi Al, I ordered a couple of Margaritas, I was thinking about how happy I am that I have a friend here. I would have ended up going back to my room by myself and watching something boring on television, this way we can relax together for a little while.

The place was pulsating with songs from the Village People, so Angie stood up and took Alan’s hand, ‘’Let’s dance, I love to boogie, I love the night life.’’ They tried to dance but the crowd was pretty thick so movement was limited and they mostly felt pressed up against each other. The feeling wasn’t bad at all.

After downing another couple of Margaritas in pretty fast succession, and enjoying a special ‘’Accountant’s Shooter’’ guaranteed to make sure nothing adds up after you have it, they decided to leave the crowded bar.

They walked to the elevator and Angie grabbed Alan’s hand and held it. ‘’I really had fun in there, I can’t remember when I had a few drinks and danced. It was so relaxing.’’

When they got on the elevator they were joined by a bunch of people and Alan was able to push the buttons for the eighth and ninth floor. When they reached the eighth which was Angie’s floor, she didn’t let go of his hand. She whispered in his ear ‘’Come with me for a few minutes, it’ll be nice to chill with you after the bar.’’ Alan obliged and together they walked to room eight eighteen.

Once inside the room Angie kicked off her shoes and told Alan to relax as she wanted to get comfortable. She then disappeared into the bathroom.

It was at this point that Alan had to really think about what he was doing. Since he was a kid there was a bro code. You never mowed another man’s lawn. That meant you never dated a sister, girlfriend or wife of a friend. It just wasn’t done. There were enough women in the world, that you stayed away from forbidden fruit.

Angie emerged from the bathroom wearing a gray sweat suit. ‘’ Now I feel relaxed, can I get you anything, anything at all?’’ Alan didn’t know why he felt nervous, he was old enough to handle any situation but he felt like an awkward teenager. ‘’Uh Angie, you look great, but maybe I should go. When we were dancing I loved the feel of your body against mine, and I know if I stay here, I’m going to want to have that feeling again, but without clothes.’’

Angie smiled and walked over to the table beside her bed and found the remote control for the television. ‘’I found this station last night when I came up here after we spent some time together, isn’t it nice?’’ Romantic music started coming out of the television’s speakers. Take off your shoes, relax, let’s dance.’’

Seconds later they were swaying and then the kiss happened. It was long and passionate and it felt absolutely amazing. After a couple of minutes they walked gently towards the bed.

Alan started to unzip Angie’s top, which revealed a black lace bra and he put his arms around her waist. He pulled her into his groin and she made a nice sweet sound of pleasure as she started to undo his belt and pants. The kissing never stopped. Alan was amazed at how soft her lips felt. Everything was perfectly romantic and then Angie’s phone started to ring and she froze. She was kissing but now one eye was focused on the phone on the coffee table.

They broke their clench and Angie whispered ‘’I just have to make sure everything is okay at home’’ and went over and took a look at the screen. ‘’Um, please don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.’’

She took the phone and disappeared into the bathroom. Alan didn’t want to but he could hear every word being said. ‘’I am so proud of you Brad, way to go honey, we’ll celebrate tomorrow when I get home. Mommy’s going to buy you that chemistry set you really wanted. Oh Larry, that’s great news. I am so happy, you deserve the promotion and the raise. We’ll have a double celebration. Okay, Love you all, see you tomorrow.’’

When Angie re-emerged from the Bathroom with a fresh lipstick on she looked at Alan who was sitting on the side of the bed. ‘’Okay, where were we before that interruption? It’s our time now.’’

Alan Sampson had never had a mistress, but for the first time in his life he could empathize with how a Mistress must have felt when their lover left to go home to their family. He also thought about Larry and the fact he would see him at B’Nai Brith functions. He had to make the toughest decision of his life. Should he stay and spend the night with Angie, or exit stage left.

Angie came over and straddled Alan’s lap. It was a nice feeling and then she started kissing again with a fervor and a passion. He wanted to stop, but he couldn’t. As they were getting naked, Angie asked Alan about a condom, and when he told her he didn’t have one, all action stopped. ‘’I’m not worried about getting pregnant, I am more concerned about a STD. I have never stepped out on Larry and if I caught something he’d know I cheated on him.’’

The words were like cold water being thrown in Alan Sampson’s face. How was it cheating if she was separated? ‘’I thought you were heading for a divorce from Larry?’’ Angie smiled ‘’Don’t worry about that silly, let’s figure out where we can find you a condom’’ It was all too late. Alan was done. He was not going to be a home wrecker or a side piece. It was one thing if Angie was leaving her husband, it was another if she just wanted to get laid and was cheating on him.

Alan kissed Angie and looked her in the eyes. ‘’Thank You, I loved every second we were together, but I think it’s best if we end it all now. I am not Dudley Do Right but I believe in the importance of family, and while you’re still legally married, maybe we should just cool out, and see what happens down the road.’’

Angie gave Alan a very nice kiss and shook her head. ‘’Nope, this is my night and we are still going to enjoy each other.’’ She took off her top and followed by sexily pulling off her sweatpants. She stood in front of him with one of the nicest looking bodies he had seen in years. She next said ‘’Eating isn’t Cheating, and proceeded to perform oral sex. It only took a few minutes later and they were enjoying unbridled passionate lovemaking. They made love three times during the night. Angie told Alan repeatedly that if he gave her a sexually transmitted disease, she would chop his Johnston off. He reassured her he was clean and would never put her in a compromised position.

The next morning they had breakfast, checked out and went to the airport together. At the airport they made a vow to keep what had happened private between them forever. It had been fantastic but they were heading back to reality. If Angie and Larry divorced, it would be a different story, but until that time, their one night of passion would be something between them.

The flight back to Toronto was uneventful. Alan sat in row six, seat c and Angie was in row fourteen seat d.

They got through customs relatively quickly and after finding their luggage, gave each other a tight hug and said their goodbyes. Angie walked out into the concourse first and Alan waited a few minutes and followed. His timing wasn’t very good as Larry and the kids were with Angie when he walked out.

Larry spotted him and yelled over ‘’Alan Sampson, small world. Come and meet my wife and kids.’’ Alan walked over and said hello and shook Angie’s hand. He looked at the children and Larry and felt incredibly uncomfortable. He was carrying one of the worst feelings he had ever experienced in his life inside of him. How could he have lost perspective so easily. Larry was just starting to ask questions when Alan announced that he had to bolt as he had arranged for an Uber to pick him up to take him home. He said his goodbyes and left as fast as he possibly could.

Everyday over the next few weeks Alan wanted to text or call Angie, but he couldn’t do it. He kept seeing the faces of Larry and Angie’s kids. He had given into temptation, and while he loved the sex while it was happening, the ramifications sucked, it was as if he had buyer’s remorse. He even stopped going to B’Nai Brith functions. He couldn’t stand the idea of running into Larry.

Three months after the epic night of passion, Angie phoned Alan to tell him that she and Larry were separating. He was going to move downtown, and move in with his Executive Assistant who he’d been having an affair with for a year. She and Larry were on good terms and would co-parent, but their marriage was over. The news felt like a weight had been lifted off of Alan’s shoulders. She then proposed a date for the night after Larry left. Alan accepted immediately and couldn’t believe how fast life had changed. For three months he had been self flagellating over his time with Angie, now he was counting the minutes to recreate the whole scene with her. This time it would be more relaxing as there would be nothing to hide. His mowing someone else’s lawn days were gone forever.

Alan Schwarz loves life. He is the founder of JAMS Productions, a television production company based in Toronto . His passion is writing.

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