Alan J. Schwarz
5 min readMay 7, 2020


When Jack Levy married Maureen Snow there was a lot of things he loved about her. She was decent beyond words, she was caring and kind, she loved her family and she had a great sense of humour. She cared about her looks and her body, but that wasn’t her main reason for being on earth. Maureen s always wanted to do good things for people and for society.

Jack and Maureen were both twenty five when they married and they dreamed about having kids, but after two years, they were still trying and discussions had taken place about invitro fertilization and even adoption.

Maureen worked as a Kindergarten teacher and loved kids, Jack was a Corporate Lawyer who was getting tired of Bay Street and was looking at different opportunities to move into in the future. He was worried about the Golden Handshake and never following his dreams. He was loved at his firm, but there was something missing.

When Covid-19 hit Toronto and all the non-essential businesses was forced to close, Jack and Mo happily went into home isolation with each other and their brilliant dog Sniff.

The first day they were home, Mo came over to Jack and whispered in his ear. ‘’We have the whole day to work on anything we want, do you know what I want?’

Jack looked at his adorable wife and said ‘’Bake an Apple Cake?’’ and she laughed. She disappeared for twenty minutes and came back wearing brand new lingerie. ‘’I want to make love, right now’’. She took Jack’s hand and they had a two hour love making session followed by more love making in the shower. When they were done, Mo looked at him and said ‘’Better than Apple Cake,right?’’

That night they made love again. In the morning, Jack took Sniff for a walk, and when they got home, Mo was waiting. ‘’What’s your agenda this morning?’’ Jack looked at her and smiled. ‘’I am looking at a Mining Stock. I think it’s way undervalued and I’m thinking about a takeover. I could get a few friends who went to Law School with me, and we could form a consortium. It’s something I always wanted to do, I’m just checking out liabilities. What’s on your agenda?’’

Mo smiled. ‘’I’m going to go from the den to the living room, to the kitchen, maybe to the basement.’’ They both laughed, and Mo left the room. Five minutes later she was back wearing Jack’’s dress shirt. ‘’There’s something about not wearing clothes, that I’m really enjoying. Time for you to help me out of this shirt.’’ Jack stood up, walked over to his wife, started kissing and before he knew it, they were making love on his office desk. When they were done, they both felt elated. ‘’I’ll never be able to focus on doing work on this desk again.’’ Mo grabbed him and started kissing again. ‘’Good, cause this isn’t the last time you’re going to be using this desk for extracurricular activities.’’

Every day of the quarantine, Jack and Mo made love with a passion. It got to the point where they were making love two or three times a day, and it never got old. In fact Jack never really realized how much Mo loved sex. She loved making love in different places in the house and at different times. The day before she had asked Jack to come down to help her get some food out of the freezer and they ended up making love on top of it.

When Jack received a call from one of the partners at the Law firm where he worked ‘’Montigue, LaFontaine, Webster Partners’’ informing him of a schedule that was being created to allow different lawyers to come into the firm at different times, while observing safe distances and special safety protocols, he felt disappointed. He loved working at home and being with Maureen. The quarantine had tightened their bond and given him a new appreciation for his wife. He felt closer to her than ever.

When he returned to the law firm, he sat in a meeting with two other Lawyers and a partner, all wearing masks. He gave a presentation on a contract he had created for the takeover of a shared office space company by a large land developer. All the other lawyers present were thrilled, but Jack felt bored and a longing for his wife. He couldn’t wait to get home to her, shower together and make love. He knew his life would never be the same, Maureen had unleashed the passion and it couldn’t be stopped.

In the car on the way home, he received a call from one of his friends Max Rolman who had been doing due diligence on the mining company that Jack had targeted for the takeover. ’’Dude, you may have found us an incredible steal. I’m so proud of you. I talked with Shiff and Matty and they are in. If you want to go forward, set up the paper work and let’s get into the precious metal business. Are you ready to Rock?’’ Jack responded in a very strong affirmative. ‘’Only one stipulation, I am going to operate mostly out of my home office, I can get a lot of amazing things accomplished there.’’ Rolman said it wouldn’t be a problem, as the mining property had trailers on the ground for offices, so they could cut overhead by using them when they visited the property and they could get rid of the lease the mining company had for expensive offices on Richmond Street in Toronto.

After Jack hung up, he felt victorious and excited about the future. He wouldn’t leave his law firm right away, but when the time was right, he had a great opportunity and a wonderful landing pad.

As he walked into the house, Maureen was waiting for him in Football Jersey. She looked at him and smiled. ‘’I’ve missed you, I can’t wait to shower and make love.’’ She pulled off the Miami Dolphins jersey and was standing completely naked, and Jack never felt happier.

‘’I talked to Rolman, the boys are going to go ahead with the deal for Explo Mines. I’m going to set up our partnership agreement this evening. I won’t leave the firm right away, but honey, I know there’s gold on the Explo property, and I have a feeling it’s going to launch us into the stratosphere.’’

Mo took his hand and headed towards the master bedroom and their shower, as he was starting to get undressed, Mo leaned in and kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear. ‘’I’m going to be staying at home, I’m not going back to school. I want to get everything ready for the baby. Honey, we did it, I’m pregnant.’’

Jack Ross and his adorable wife Mo looked at each other in the eyes and realized that out of every curse there could be a blessing. The Corona Virus caused them to stay home, and it turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened in their lives.



Alan J. Schwarz

Alan Schwarz loves life. He is the founder of JAMS Productions, a television production company based in Toronto . His passion is writing.