Seriously, It’s Not Dementia

Alan J. Schwarz
9 min readNov 7, 2021
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Jay Glick was tired. He had been working day and night on a new Advertising campaign for ‘’Senior Service.’’ The App’s purpose was to provide transportation for people over seventy. It was a twenty four hour service and the drivers were all trained in providing first aid. It was basically Uber on steroids for seniors. It would give the elderly peace of mind when they needed to be transported somewhere.

The deadline for presenting the Senior Service campaign to Howard Sturrock the CEO of Senior Service was only a few days away. Jay’s people hadn’t nailed it to his satisfaction yet and time was of the essence. Jay was aggravated because he had to take an hour out of his schedule for Franklin Mandell’s Birthday.

Franklin was a very cool guy. He was turning seventy and had lived the life of an adventurer. He had been the Manager of three very successful bands and he was still touring around when they did ‘’Farewell Tours.’’ So far they had done five farewells with different iterations of the bands. He had traveled the world and was never short of captivating stories.

Jay knew Franklin and his wife Whitney from their synagogue. He had met them at different events and they had become friends, even though there was a major age difference. Jay’s wife Galit insisted that they go for the Birthday lunch at Franklin’s house. Jay had protested till he was blue in the face but his wife wouldn’t hear of it. Her logic was simple. he could go back to the campaign, but this would be the only Birthday party. One hour was not going to change his life no matter how much he protested.

There was going to be two other couples at the lunch, Fred and Dina Sherman and Neil and Lisa Bloch. Jay pulled himself away from the work, told his team he’d be back and encouraged them to keep honing the pitch.

It was a cold clear day and the drive from downtown to Thornhill went faster than most times he made the trip. Somehow he was able to avoid construction which was kind of a miracle. The Don Valley wasn’t a parking lot so things were looking good.

Galit called Jay on the way to Franklin’s house to let him know she had left and would be arriving there in six minutes according to her GPS. Jay looked down and said he would be there in eight minutes, so they’d basically be arriving at…



Alan J. Schwarz

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