My Passover Miracle

Alan J. Schwarz
6 min readMar 30, 2021

Florida had been exceptional. My Mom, Marion Schwarz had enjoyed a wonderful season with my sister Susie and me, her son Alan. We had driven to Florida in November and were returning in April for Passover.

It had been a magnificent season and we had enjoyed a ton of fun. My Mom loved to play at Casinos so we visited the Hard Rock Classic and the Seminole Hard Rock. We spent time at Calder and a place in Hallandale called ‘’Mardi Gras’’. We visited a couple of other places Gulfstream and a place in Pompano called ‘’The Isle’’. In between, she had done a lot of shopping at Kohls and other favourite spots. She had lived her life the way she liked and she never sat still. It was a tremendously fun winter.

I loved playing Spanish Black Jack with her. I would sit at the table and marvel at her ability to make strategic bets and how good a player she was.

Like any good time, reality beckoned. We had to come back to Canada as she wanted to spend Passover with the family. Funny enough, we all had hesitations about leaving. We had enjoyed our time together and even discussed staying, but my Mom wanted to see her Grandchildren and my Brother Jay and Sister-In Jacky, so we headed home.

We went to my Brother’s place for the first night of Passover and on her way to the table situated in the dining room, my Mom stumbled and fell. She knew immediately she broke her hip.

The Paramedics came to take her to the hospital. It was not a nice way to start the Passover holiday, and she was in a fair amount of pain.

She was placed in a small room in the Emergency section and a nurse explained that they would be doing x-rays and scans and she would be there for the night. Once a determination was made as to what needed to be done, she would be moved to the Orthopedic floor.

The nurse left and shortly later a Doctor came in and introduced himself. He was going to give her a ‘’pain block’’ after all the tests. I wouldn’t be able to come with her for the tests, but he reassured me she would be in good hands.

When she was taken out of the room for her first series of tests, I sat with my head in my hands thinking about everything. A good friend had once said that once an elderly person broke their hip, it was a quick decline for the rest of…

Alan J. Schwarz

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