My Niece and a moment to remember…

Alan J. Schwarz
3 min readFeb 24, 2021

Some of the happiest moments of my life were spent with my niece Alex. I was fortunate to be a part of Alex’s life as she was growing up. I was able to enjoy some memorable moments with her. One of the unforgettable situations happened at the prestigious private school that she attended Havergal College.

Alex was in the middle school (10 years old) and was extremely excited that her class was creating a ‘’French Cafe.’’ When she found out her parents had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t attend she invited me. I was beyond flattered.

I arrived five minutes before the Cafe was to begin and headed to the classroom. I knocked on the door and a smiling woman answered. She looked to be about twenty-seven and was extremely friendly. ‘’Thank You for coming to our cafe, I hope you enjoy yourself, the girls have worked hard. Can you tell me who invited you? I smiled proudly, ‘’Alex Schwarz. she’s my niece.’’ She returned the smile ‘’Alex is an exceptional girl, please take a seat at table five over by the window.’’

I walked over to a small table that was full of parents and took my seat. Alex came over wearing a Chef’s hat and an apron.‘’Bonjour, you may have a croissant or a chocolate eclair. I think Uncle, you will choose the chocolate eclair, am I right?’’ She came back a couple of minutes later a glass of chocolate milk and a chocolate eclair. ‘’I baked the eclair so I hope you like it Uncle.’’

The event was very lovely, there was French music and presentations by the girls (it was an all girl’s school) and in fifteen minutes it was over. When I called my Brother about the event he asked me if I would give Alex a ride home and I told him it would be my pleasure.

As we were leaving the classroom the teacher thanked me for coming, and I thanked her for putting on such a wonderful event. I’ll never forget what she said ‘’We want to make great memories for the girls, and we want to share these moments with family.’’ She had accomplished her goal. I really like the Havergal College philosophy.

After a visit to Alex’s locker where she picked up some books for homework, we got in the car to head to her house. I had a tradition of stopping with Alex so she could get a foam. Foam was the whipped milk put on the top of different drinks. When I asked…



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