My first encounter with Anti-Semitism in 2024

Alan J. Schwarz
6 min readMar 12, 2024

Unbelievable and Upsetting

Image by ashish choudhary from Pixabay

You never expect to encounter Anti-Semitism. When you wake up in the morning you look forward to the day, not dealing with someone who has a hateful agenda.

I was thrilled to invite my wife and daughter to an upscale restaurant for brunch on Sunday morning. Since it was South Florida it was a chance to watch a sporting event and make a few bets while enjoying a very nice buffet.

In order to make sure we got the full ‘’experience’’ I called weeks before to make a reservation. We wanted to be at the windows. We arrived on time and the host, a blonde haired man in his forties who handled the reservations asked our name. ‘’Cohen for three’’ he nodded. ‘’Okay, you’ll be at a table at the finish line.’’ I had been with my wife to the restaurant numerous times. ‘’That’s at the window?’’ He shook his head ‘’Nope, it’s across from the window.’’ I looked at him ‘’We made our reservations weeks ago, why aren’t we at the window?’’ He glared at me. ‘’Because I have one hundred and fifty reservations to look after’’’ I once again answered ‘’But, we made our reservations weeks ago and I specifically asked for the window.’’ He didn’t answer, and a hostess took us to the table, which was in the middle of nowhere. I wondered what the point was of making a reservation.

Below us there were tons of empty tables at the windows. We sat down and I was very unhappy. A waitress came over and asked if we were okay. I explained about the reservation (again we were paying a premium price to eat at the buffet) and how we wanted a window seat. She smiled ‘’Follow me, you can sit by the window, no problem.’’ We asked twice, ‘’Are you sure?’’ She smiled ‘’Absolutely.’’

She sat us at the window, put napkins and cutlery out and walked away. ‘’Enjoy yourself Gustavo will be your waiter.’’ We went to the buffet, got some food. Looked at our program and bet on the first race which we lost. Gustavo brought us Mimosas.

We were laughing and enjoying when out of nowhere came the blonde guy from the front reservation desk. He was shaking with anger and his face was bright red. He yelled ’You should not be sitting at this table!! You had no right to move yourself! If you ever do that again I will get security to physically remove you by…



Alan J. Schwarz

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