Mr. So Close…

Alan J. Schwarz
5 min readMay 4, 2021

For as long as Aaron Schecter could remember, things just didn’t seem to go his way. It was an oxymoron as Aaron was one of the happiest people in the world, he just never seemed to be able to get the big break.

Aaron had made plenty of mistakes and he was the first one to admit it. He had trusted the wrong people and in a couple of instances, he was taken advantage of and also taken to the cleaners.

He remembered vividly when a relative asked for a short-term loan. Aaron didn’t think twice about it. His cousin vowed to pay the money back promptly, as the guy said at the time ‘’It will make a huge difference to my family and our lives.’’ The end result was he lent the money and never saw it again. He wrote it off to being a good cousin, not to being a sucker.

Aaron’s social life had not been much better. He had fallen madly in love with a woman named Jodi Korblin. He was crazy about her. They went out for six months and when he proposed she accepted. Invitations went out for the engagement party and Aaron was living his best life.

At the engagement party, Aaron noticed that Jodi kept disappearing and it was making him unhappy. He wanted to introduce his future wife to all his family and friends. After she took off the third time he followed her and saw her going into a coat check room. He walked gently down the hall and stood outside the door and heard kissing and laughing. ‘’I can’t believe we’re at this stage. It’s amazing. Morty, you are so smart. Can you believe how jerky Aaron’s family is? It’s like they all just got off the clown train.’’ Aaron heard kissing and he felt nauseous. ‘’We don’t have time to have sex right now, let’s meet up later. I’ll make some kind of excuse and come over to your place. Think about it Morty. I get married in a month. I stay married for exactly twelve months, I leave him, divorce him for a big chunk of change and we’re together forever, financed by Aaron. He is such a shlub, I hope I can walk down the aisle without bailing. It is harder than you think to be around that guy.’’

Aaron felt destroyed but he knew what he had to do. He went back to the party. Informed his parents and his Sister and Brother about what had transpired and took the mic just as Jodi walked back into the room. She started coming towards him and Aaron waved her off.

Alan J. Schwarz

Alan Schwarz loves life. He is the founder of JAMS Productions, a television production company based in Toronto . His passion is writing.