Moishe Tinnif’s Toughest Case…

Alan J. Schwarz
11 min readSep 29, 2021

The truth was Moishe Tinnif and his partner Bubbles Streit were struggling. They had opened their law firm ‘’Tinnif Streit’’’a year earlier and the number of clients they represented could be counted on one hand. They did get some walk-ins who needed help with making wills or with fighting speeding and parking tickets, but there were no juicy or major cases that would help them raise their profile. They needed a case that would stand out and show how talented they were as lawyers.

Bubbles had graduated with a Law Degree from Golden State University, and Moishe was a Law graduate of Pacific West College of Law. They opened their law office in Modesto, California. It was about a five-hour drive from Los Angeles. They had fallen in love with the area but were frustrated with how the business was going.

Moishe was having a strategy meeting with Bubbles and their Junior lawyer, Whilemina Hanes. Someone entered the office and the three lawyers looked at each other in shock. Moishe pulled out his wallet. ‘’I bet a fiver, he’s lost.’’ Whilemina studied the guy and shook her head. ‘’You’re on, I can tell he’s a ticket guy. He probably got fined for driving too slow in an express lane.’’ Bubbles stood up ‘’He has a legitimate case. You both owe me five bucks.’’

Bubble straightened out her dress and walked into the reception area. ‘’Hi, welcome to ‘’Tinnif Streit’’ is there anything we can do for you?’’ The guy seemed a little nervous. ‘’I don’t usually need a lawyer to help me out of things, but my brother Bennet made a mistake and I need help.’’ Bubbles smiled her incredible smile, ‘’Well, we help people resolve issues, so you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go into our boardroom and we can talk there.’’

The very lean and tall man followed Bubbles into the boardroom where Moishe and Wilhemina tried to look busy. They looked up from some papers (menus from the two Chinese restaurants in Modesto) and gave the man a warm welcome into the inner sanctum.

He sat down and Moishe offered him bottled water. The guy took a pass. Moishe started his pitch. ‘’My name’s Moishe Tinnif, I’m really pleased to meet you. What’s going on, why do you think you need the help of a law firm?’’

The guy looked nervous, so Bubbles brought him hot chocolate even though he didn’t…



Alan J. Schwarz

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