Losing Weight Via Sex, Even If You’re Alone

Alan J. Schwarz
8 min readAug 15

Sometimes it’s not a Great idea to listen to other people

Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

Joshua Smirkins hated what he was hearing from his Doctor. He didn’t like being told that his life expectancy was being shortened because he was overweight and that he wasn’t doing enough about it. He sat and listened both nervously and attentively as Dr. Schwarz finished the consultation. ‘’Joshua I like you, I always have but now it’s time for some tough love. You must lose at least twenty five to thirty pounds this year. That’s an average of less than three pounds a month. If you do that you should not have to worry about different health issues that you are now facing. I can’t stress it enough. If you want to live a long and healthy life, and I mean both mentally and physically I suggest you start watching your diet and start getting more exercise otherwise you are a ticking time bomb. We can revisit this situation in six months. I want to see how you’re progressing. Please Joshua take my words to heart if you want to live a long life.’’

Dr. Schwarz stood up from behind her desk indicating the consultation was over. Joshua read the room and also stood up and together they headed for the door. ‘’Joshua you’re only thirty five, you still have a shot of redemption, please take it.’’ Joshua nodded. Dr. Schwarz put her hand on his shoulder. ‘’Oh and if you decide you need a nutritionist I can recommend a very good one. Good Luck on your journey.’’ Dr. Schwarz did a pirouette and returned to her office.

Josh walked past the busy waiting room and out to his car. He saw his reflection in a Land Rover that was parked next to his Toyota Camry. The Land Rover was covered in what looked like gold aluminum. Josh looked at his reflection in the car. There was no question he had a protuding belly. He needed to do something about it, and that meant figuring out a good exercise plan.

Josh went to his job at Bower, Parent and Favell and sat down at his desk. His friend Sarah who was an Account Executive peeked her head in. ‘’How did the Doctor’s visit go?’’ Josh was kind of glum. ‘’I have to lose like thirty pounds or I’ll be in health trouble. I don’t know how I put the extra pounds on in the first place.’’ Sarah who was five foot nine and in amazing shape laughed. Josh thought she was one of the most beautiful women he knew. She…

Alan J. Schwarz

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