Lies, More Lies And Threats

Alan J. Schwarz
2 min readJan 27, 2024

When you’re nervous about writing the truth

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

A very close friend of mine, returned from Israel and wrote about the reality she witnessed and why Israel was in a war with Hamas. For her troubles she received death threats and obscene messages. Not only was she threatened with harm, her family was also threatened.

She called me crying and asked me what kind of world we are living in, when people who want to share their views and tell the truth are bombarded with hate.

My friend ‘’Maddie’’ also made me read some stories on which were complete fiction about Israel and were classified as non-fiction. It reminded me of the Nazi propaganda teams. Take lies and keep telling them, the bigger the lies the more believable.

Some of the anti-Israel stories were very well written and very convincing, even if they were complete and total fabrications and looked to be written via AI.

Maddie told me she felt safer being in Israel than her home in Connecticut. Her parents who (passed) were Holocaust Survivors but should have been referred to as Holocaust Victims. They often told Maddie stories about how the Nazis would create fiction to justify and rationalize their actions, and it looked like things haven’t changed with those who are bent on destroying the Jewish people and Israel.



Alan J. Schwarz

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