Alan J. Schwarz
4 min readOct 27

The Virus that there’s no vaccine for

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

It started when Miles Swartz turned on CNN and was horrified to watch reports about Hamas storming into Israel under a barrage of five thousand missles. The Hamas Nazis attacked civilian sites murdering as many people as they could in the most barbaric ways possible. The fact they decapitated babies made Miles want to puke. Their atrocities were beyond humanity.

Miles who worked in the Advertising business immediately went online to check his emails. There were a few from friends concerned about what was happening in Israel, but there was a lot of silence from others. He took this as his associates not knowing how to express their concerns. He thought to himself that sometimes Silence can be deafening.

It didn’t take long for the Apologists for Hamas to start their rallies and try to flip the script. It was all about how bad Israel was. It was sickening, rationalization and justification. How could anybody who was human justify the rape of women and the defiling of their bodies. How could they condone the kidnapping of the elderly, and worst of all the cold blooded torture and murder. Hamas lived up to their mandate, trying to wipe the Jewish people off the map and there were people who were supporting them. It made no sense.

University students who were supposed to spend their times thinking about situations from every angle instead focused on hate which was represented by letters signed by them against Israel. Some of the language used was shocking and not once in any letter was Hamas held accountable for their actions.

Miles took a few minutes to figure out a course of action. He didn’t know what to do. In fact he felt numb and lost. He called a few of his family members and they were in utter shock and also in despair.

When Hamas called for a worldwide attack against Jews around the world, Miles was confident that their threats would fall on deaf ears, but he was amazes that they didn’t. Jewish owned businesses were targeted and huge rallies were conducted. In some of the marches the Hamas flag was proudly on display. Hamas had made Isis look like weak sisters. The Jewish communities in both large and small cities were on alert.

Alan J. Schwarz

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