Alan J. Schwarz
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Herschell Ostrepeller was an incredibly astute investor. He studied financial reports and followed companies with an intensity that was hard to believe. The smallest things could make him take a major position in a company or on the flip side sell his position completely.

One of Herschell’s biggest problems was finding his soulmate. He tried everything but kept striking out. He couldn’t figure out why he could read a prospectus with one eye closed, but he couldn’t figure out women.

His good friend, Randy Neiblin invited him to a party at his place to beat the February blahs. It was a cold and snowy evening and Herschell wasn’t sure he wanted to go, but sitting around by himself day in and day out was getting old fast.

When he arrived at 33 Rosehill he had hard time finding a parking spot. Randy lived in the Yonge and St. Clair area and Herschell ended up parking in a municipal parking lot a few blocks away. He brought a bottle of wine with him and when he entered the condo building he asked the concierge to let Randy know he was there. After a couple of minutes the door to the elevator bank was opened so Herschell could get in. As he was entering a short, dark haired woman slipped through the doors. She was also carrying a bottle of wine. They looked at each other but didn’t say anything till Herschell hit the button for the thirty third floor. The woman…

Alan J. Schwarz

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