It’s Bulldog Savage, the former Wrestling Champion or is it?

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Alan J. Schwarz
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Dialysis was no picnic for those who had to go and have their blood cleaned three times a week. It could be very depressing and many times the patients felt completely crappy after their sessions.

Herschell Ostrepeller never wanted his father to feel alone and abandoned while having his dialysis treatment. Joe went to dialysis three times a week. Each session lasted four hours. Herschell dropped him off, waited till he was to start his session and always arrived fifteen minutes early to pick him up and take him home after the session was finished. Herschell admired and loved his dad and would have traded places with him if he could have.

When Joe Ostrepeller got depressed about his dialysis situation, Herschell would tell him to relax, he was like a car. He was simply getting a lube job and oil change, so he’d live a longer life.

The people who were in the same dialysis unit would get to know each other and a bond would form among them. They talked during sessions and shared stories.

Joe Ostrepeller’s sessions started at six am and ended at ten. He would arrive at the unit at five thirty am, so the nurses could set the machines and have everything ready. It was crucial to make sure the machines were accurate when it came to programming the speed of the cycle and other pertinent information.

Herschell was dropping his dad off when he looked at the guy in the chair next to his father’s and his mouth fell open. It wasn’t Mrs. Bondhead, it looked like ‘’Bulldog Savage’’ the former World Champion of the Extreme Ultimate Wrestling Corporation.

Bulldog had defeated numerous challengers over the years with his famous ‘’Top Down Driver.’’ He had never submitted in a match and had taken on all challengers for six years and then he vanished. Some people thought it had to do with walking away a Champion, but nobody ever knew. There was one announcer who said that someday Bulldog Savage would re-emerge but for the time being he had retreated to parts unknown to write a book. That was the only thing ever mentioned about the Champ on-air. ‘’Journalists’’ who covered wrestling had been equally quiet and…



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