Andy Michaels was confident he had found his dream woman. She was super intelligent, very attractive, and extremely decent. He could spend hours just listening to her wonderful laugh. The problem was he didn’t know her outside of work.

Rebecca Liss was an Account Executive at Bocabella, Carter, LeFlore. She was responsible for making sure that there was excellent communication between her ad agency and their clients. She was responsible for two clients Flighted Homes and Xplan Cars.

Flighted built subdivisions for the very wealthy. The communities were gated and technology was evident everywhere. The starting price for a home was between seven and nine million dollars.

Xplan Cars were all about new electric technology and they catered to the super-rich. There were only one hundred cars built a year and they sold for two hundred thousand dollars each.

Rebecca was always laughing that she had to keep a wardrobe of designer clothes or her clients would think she didn’t belong in their offices.

Andy was in charge of Creative for the Digital side of the Agency, so he had to come up with effective campaigns that hit the right demographic. He had specialized in psychographics while going to Communications school at the University of Miami. Bocabella Carter LeFlore loved the advantage his insights into consumers gave them.

Rebecca would drop by once a week to provide feedback from her clients and to discuss future digital campaigns. She always seemed to hang around more than necessary and Andy loved it. He had been thinking about asking her out for a long time but didn’t know if he could handle the rejection if she said no.

Andy’s team was just finishing a new spot for Xplan Cars when Rebecca dropped by the offices. She looked beautiful and she took Andy’s breath away. ‘’Hi Rebecca, here’s the new spot we were discussing, take a look.’’ Andy pulled a chair out from in front of one of the laptops and she paused before sitting down. ‘’Thank You Andy for always being such a gentleman. There’s a lot of guys who could learn a lot of important lessons from you.’’

Rebecca watched the spot three times. ‘’Andy, I LOVE it. Great work. Tonight Xplan is having a small gathering with people who have bought their cars and investors. It’s at the Palm Club at the Four Seasons and starts at eight. Why don’t you drop in around nine? I’ll introduce you to Justin Welby, he’s the founder and majority shareholder of Xplan Cars. I’m confident he’d love to meet you. He’s been to the Agency but they keep you creatives in the back, so he’s never had a chance to say Hello.’’

Rebecca left and Andy was on cloud nine. He hoped he’d have some quality time with her at the party. If the circumstances were right, he’d finally ask her out. He had met a gazillion women in his life but none were as special as Rebecca Liss.

After going home to his loft, Andy took a nice long hot shower, put on some casual formal clothes, splashed on some Aramis and headed off to the Four Seasons.

The security at the Palm was no joke. Since Andy didn’t have a formal invitation they weren’t going to let him in. He tried to explain who he was but they weren’t budging. He looked at his watch and it was nine twenty. He had wasted twenty minutes and was thinking about leaving when Rebecca came flying through the door and grabbed his arm. ‘’Andy, I’ve been waiting for you, Justin is really looking forward to meeting you. Let’s not waste any more time.’’

At the centre of the Palm, was an Xplan Car. Andy had been working on the account for over two years and it was the first time he had actually seen one. Demand was so high, that as soon as a car was made, it was shipped out. He admired the sleek lines and beauty. The interior was similar to a spaceship. It was super cool. The whole world and the party around him disappeared as he took in the magnificence of the engineering.

‘’Do you like it?’’ Without turning around Andy replied ‘’Like it, I Love it. It’s my dream vehicle. The greatest thrill of my life is working on the ad campaigns for these cars. There is nothing better than the Xplan.’’

Andy slowly turned around and standing behind him was Rebecca Liss and Justin Welby. ‘’I am delighted you are working on our account. I love your enthusiasm and passion for our cars. Rebecca has raved about you, but meeting you in person and hearing your excitement is an affirmation that we are with the right Agency. Can I buy you a drink?’’

‘’Thank You, that would be great.’’ Justin Welby put up his arm and in two seconds there were two waitresses standing in front of him. ‘’Please bring my friend, uh what are you having?’’ Andy said ‘’A shot of cognac would be perfect.’’ Justin took over the conversation, a shot of cognac, I’ll have Jack Daniels on the Rocks and my fiancee will have, what do you want Rebecca?’’ Rebecca demurely said ‘’I’ll have a shot of Ameretto on the rocks thanks.’’ Andy was stunned, fiancee?

‘’I didn’t know you were engaged, uh, congratulations.’’ Justin Welby took Rebecca’s hand. ‘’It was love at first sight for me. As soon as I met Rebecca I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. We plan on getting married on May twenty-seventh. That’s exactly six weeks from tonight and I’m counting the minutes. The Xplan on the floor is her car. After tonight she’ll be driving it.’’

The drinks came and Andy stayed around for a while, but for some reason, the image of Justin and Rebecca holding hands really bothered him. It was hard to believe they were engaged for a number of reasons. Justin was much older than Rebecca and they seemed to be very different in terms of their personalities and demeanours. Rebecca was down to earth and classy and he seemed to be superficial. The kind of guy who was a collector of beautiful things and she was just one of them. He stood there thinking that his judgements were being made after meeting Justin Welby for two seconds but that’s how he felt.

Andy talked with some people in the club who owned Xplan cars and listened to them praising the vehicle. According to them, the Xplan was better than sliced toast. He thought maybe he could use those sentiments in future commercials.

A half-hour passed and he went over to Justin and Rebecca who were sitting at a table with a bunch of people who looked like they were investors in Xplan. Before he could say anything Justin introduced him as one of the people who made Xplan great with brilliant advertising. Andy gave a quick wave to everyone. ‘’Justin, the Xplan is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. It is a huge pleasure to meet you in person and I’m thrilled to be on the Xplan account. Nice to meet you all, have a great night.’’ He and Justin shook hands and Rebecca stood up and gave him a peck on the cheek. ‘See you in the office tomorrow.’’

The walk across the floor to the door seemed like it took forever. When he finally got out of the club and the Four Seasons he drank in the air. He grabbed an Uber and headed home.

In the morning, he felt less motivated to get to work than he usually did. He showered, dressed and was still in the office an hour before everybody else. He reviewed the new spots for the Xplan and they were great. In a couple of hours, he and the other creatives would start brainstorming on the next series of ads in the Xplan series. Andy just wished he had more enthusiasm. Seeing Rebecca with Justin had deflated him, but he was a professional and knew he had to give it his best effort.

After grabbing a cup of green tea out of the Keurig, Andy sat down in front of his computer and thought about how ridiculous he was acting. He had never dated Rebecca, never asked her out, and knew nothing about her personal life. Yet he thought he was in love with her, it was insanity magnified. He had no other option to move forward, and he did.

On May twenty-seventh, Justin Welby and Rebecca Liss were married. Andy tried to be happy for her, but he instead felt sad. It was hard to describe why, he knew logically it made no sense, but still, he had developed feelings from afar and he never got to express them.

As Andy got to work on a new campaign, he decided he would change his life. In the future, if he wanted to go out on a date, he would ask the woman out without over-analyzing the situation. He would not miss opportunities for happiness again. He knew he had missed it with Rebecca Liss and he would carry that with him for life. It is not often that you know who your soulmate is and then have to stand back as she marries someone else. Falling in Love can be hard, even when the person you’re in love with has no clue that you feel the way you do. It is one of life’s toughest lessons. Those who hesitate are lost.

Alan Schwarz loves life. He is the founder of JAMS Productions, a television production company based in Toronto . His passion is writing.

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