Herschell Ostrepeller’s Election Campaign…

Alan J. Schwarz
6 min readSep 19, 2021

Running a wine and cannabis store gave Herschell Ostrepeller a great sense of satisfaction. Most of his customers attended the local University and now that Marijuana and Cannabis-based edibles were legal, Herschell was proud that he could serve them in a professional and responsible way.

His store ‘’Mary Jane & Crushed Grapes’’ was considered a very cool location by students and his business was steady and growing. It was ironic because Herschell never smoked weed, and there was only three wines he drank, Manischewitz, Mogan David and Rashi. There were sweet sacramental wines that were used for his Friday Night Kiddush's.

Herschell was doing well and enjoying life when Moishe Tinnif showed up on the scene. Moishe had a reputation as an angles shooter. He was always looking to make a quick buck and some of his projects had completely flamed out, leaving investors in the cold.

It was a Tuesday morning and Herschell was enjoying a delicious coconut coffee when Moishe walked in. ‘’Hi Hersch, I’m here with some good news. It’s actually life changing news. There’s going to be a city election and a bunch of people want you to run for Mayor.’’ Herschell almost fell over laughing, he had no civic involvement and the last thing he wanted to do was get involved in politics.

Moishe Tinnif had a look of consternation on his face. ‘’Herschell, you laugh, you scoff, but you could be great. The kids love you, you’re honest, decent, and kind. You run against type. It’s a four year term and you can do some great things for the city.’’ Herschell was skeptical. Moishe Tinnif did absolutely nothing for the public good, he was much more interested in looking after his own interests.

Herschell declined the offer. Moishe Tinnif was not a man who accepted no easily. ‘’The Mayor has a salary of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars that is tax free, He gets a car allowance, he gets expenses paid for, it is the ultimate dream job. Hersch we need a man of integrity in the position and that’s you.’’

Once again Herschell said no, and once again Moishe refused to take his answer. ‘’Think about it and I’ll visit again at the end of the week. The filing date for running is Friday, so think hard about the opportunity, nobody likes the current Mayor, so the…



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