Herschell Ostrepeller And The Pogrom…

Alan J. Schwarz
7 min readMay 21, 2021

It all started at the fulfillment center where Herschel Ostrepeller worked. His job was in the area of reconciliation. He examined orders that came in and the products that were sent out. If there were any discrepancies it was up to him to figure out why and resolve the issues.

The company ‘’Shilton Distribution’’ had done very well since the Covid-19 pandemic started. It was no Amazon, but they held their own shipping products for numerous companies. Once the products left the warehouse Shilton made sure customers received their orders.

Wendy Langston worked beside Herschell. Her job was to process returns. Their offices were located beside each other and over the ten years that they worked together they had become friends.

The Managing Director of the company was Sheldon Stein. His family owned the business and he would be in the office three days a week. Since the pandemic there had been a skeleton crew except for the guys working in the warehouse. Sheldon had insisted on strict safety protocols and made it clear that health was before profits. There were many days when orders were delayed because there weren’t enough people in the warehouse. Sheldon made it very clear, he didn’t care. He valued the people who worked for ‘’Shilton Distribution.’’

Herschell and Wendy were the only two people who came into the front office on a daily basis. Sheldon had not made it mandatory for either of them, but they both had been doubly vaccinated and didn’t encroach on the other’s space. They had discussed it and liked being able to get out of their respective homes.

It was on a Tuesday morning that life changed for Herschell. He and Wendy were both doing their jobs, when Sheldon came in. He went to his desk, grabbed some papers and turned around. ‘’I’m sorry guys, I can’t stick around, we have an emergency. Someone went to our Synagogue and painted a swastika and Free Palestine all over it. I’ve got to get over there to see if I can help with anything. People are really shaken up. Talk to you later.’’ Sheldon then rushed out of the office.

Wendy went over to the Keurig and made herself a coffee. ‘’Do you want one Herschell?’’ He stood up to stretch his legs. ‘’No, Thanks, I’m so upset about what Sheldon told us. Painting graffiti on a Synagogue…

Alan J. Schwarz

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