Herman Schwarz vs The Nazis

Alan J. Schwarz
7 min readMay 17, 2021

The Schwarz Brothers were a formidable bunch of guys. They worked in the cattle business in Gladbach, Germany. They were close with their Mom and Dad, Jonas and Sarah. The Brothers, Max, Otto, Herman, Philip, and Jupe, and their sisters Jeanette, and Rose had a happy life.

They were well respected in their village by the Baron and the local inhabitants. As Cattle dealers they visited other villages and loved being in the country. They were constantly buying and selling cattle and had a reputation for decency and honesty.

When the First World War started the boys who were old enough became part of the the German military as they were proud to serve their country. Philip was given the responsibilty of buying beef rations for the military. Herman who was great on horses became part of the cavalry.

After the war they came home and got back to life on the farm with their brothers. The problem was the demented Brown Shirts who were making noise with a very anti-semitic platform. The Schwarz Brothers were proudly Jewish and would not tolerate anti-semitism.

One afternoon, Herman got on a train to go visit some farmers who had cattle to sell in the South of the country. Herman was a tall man who women adored. He had a great sense of humour and laughed often. He was considered by his brothers a jokester.

Herman’s trip lasted three days and he arranged to buy sixty heifers. They would be loaded on a train and once they arrived in Cologne, he and his brothers would drive the cattle back to the farm using horses. Herman’s youngest brother Jupe was learning how to be a good horseman from his brother. Herman and Jupe went riding together everyday, and Herman was proud at how skilled his younger brother was becoming.

On the train heading back to Gladbach, Herman took a seat and decided to get some rest. He had been actively going out and about in the countryside to buy the cattle and at night, he visited with friends. The cattle were found in some pastures that were on higher elevations, so walking for many kilometers was part of the trip.

Herman was just dozing off when he heard a commotion. He slowly opened one eye and saw two brownshirts harassing a Jewish woman. She was recoiling in fear as these two brutes were insulting her and…



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