Harry Lansky and walking into Sex Addiction.

Alan J. Schwarz
9 min readOct 9, 2021

The Ultimate Rock and Party band was playing very loud music and the dance floor was filled with people gyrating to their sounds. It was a huge celebration, Moishe Tinnif and Bubbles Streit were finally going to get married. They had been dating forever and Moishe finally did the right thing and proposed to Bubbles. The engagement party was the culmination of a long build-up and everybody was happy and rejoicing.

The people who were at the party came from all kinds of different backgrounds. Moishe was a jeweller who had a dedicated following. He also had a ton of friends from the philanthropy work he did. He had learned early in life that the more you give the more you get. Bubbles came from a more corporate background. She had earned an MBA and became an in-demand management consultant. She always thought it was funny, because of her name Bubbles there was a preconceived notion that she was an airhead and nothing could have been further from the truth.

Harry Lansky was friends with both of them and that’s why he was at the party trying to make himself comfortable. Moishe Tinnif had bought diamonds from Harry and besides doing business they were friends. He had known Bubbles from before she had gotten involved with Moishe. She had been an Alpha Epislon Phi Sorority girl when he was Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. They both attended UCLA and while they were never romantically involved they became friends. They had mutual friends and always stayed in touch.

Harry had gotten involved with the diamond trade when his Grandfather introduced him to his diamond suppliers and he was accepted into the fold. It was a tight group and not everybody made the cut. The only problem Harry had in his life was he hadn’t been able to find his soulmate. He was thirty-five and was dedicated to building his business and while he had dated some wonderful women, he just hadn’t found ‘’the one.’’

Harry was sitting at the seat assigned to him at table number eight when a woman sat down across from him. She was very attractive and looked familiar. Harry tried to remember who she was but he couldn’t place her. He had a feeling he had taken her out, but he wasn’t sure. She was smiling and Harry knew he had to make his move. He stood up and walked over and pulled the seat out beside her. ‘’Hi, I’m Harry.’’…

Alan J. Schwarz

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