Four Movies, Two Meals and a Snack

Alan J. Schwarz
4 min readNov 4, 2022

Somewhere over the ocean and I can’t sleep

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As I was boarding my Air Canada flight from Toronto to Israel, I wondered what to expect. I hadn’t done an eleven-hour flight for a very long time, and I wondered how I would survive it. Would I be bored, restless or both.

I was in row 26 and I had an aisle seat. Across from me sat my Nephew, my Great Nephew a boisterous 2 years old and my Great Niece who was four.

I started the flight by watching ‘’Maverick’’ a movie I had pledged to see on the big screen. It seemed okay to be watching it on the flight, as aviation or fighter pilots was the theme. As the movie was coming to an end, a Stewardess came over and smiled at me ‘’Kosher?’’ I nodded and she sat down a chicken and rice dinner.

After finishing it, I watched The Batman. Another long movie that wasn’t half as interesting or enjoyable as Maverick. After the movie, there was a snack and a drink which was very nice.

I made my way to the bathroom and wondered about the mile high club. The bathroom was kind of gross, it made me question who would consider having sex in it. I got back to my seat and the woman sitting beside me shared information on her career. She was involved with Geothermal and was working with an African company to create alternative energy sources. I listened and didn’t quite understand what she was saying, but it was a cure for insomnia.

I was just falling asleep when my four-year-old Niece ran over to play a game with me on the screen in front of my seat. We selected Bejeweled and after a couple of games she went back across the aisle to her seat and promptly fell asleep.

I decided to watch something light and chose ‘’Super Bad’’, I hadn’t seen it for a long while and it was still entertaining.

After the movie, I was presented with a snack of cheese on a bun. It wasn’t gourmet, but I ate it anyways.

I followed Super Bad up with a documentary about a guy from Norway who had become a celebrity in Indonesia because he enjoyed a specialty dish there. I didn’t quite understand the entire purpose of the documentary, but it lasted for an hour, and it was a healthy ego project for the guy who did it.



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