Feeling Lost In Time

Alan J. Schwarz
4 min readApr 1, 2022

Waking Up And Thinking About The Past And The Future

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It was very unusual for Josh Samuels to wake up feeling unsettled and nervous. In fact he was certain he had been crying in his sleep and he thought about the possible reasons.

He was in the middle of packing up his house and his future had never been so completely uncertain. He was leaving the home he had known forever and he hadn’t even figured out where he was going to be living. It was no joke, his biggest fear in life had always been being homeless, and now he felt like he had done it to himself.

The situation had started with Josh’s nephews and nieces begging him to move closer to them. It was flattering. They wanted Josh to join them for dinners (especially Friday Night Shabbat Dinners) and since he currently lived an hour away from them, they kept pleading with him to move closer.

Matthew, Josh’s oldest Nephew ran a very successful Real Estate brokerage firm. He suggested that Josh list his house just to see what kind of response he would get. It was done with the understanding that he wouldn’t have to accept any offers. Josh put in one condition. If he sold the house it would be ‘’as is’’ with no conditions and nobody walking through the premises. Matthew reassured his Uncle ‘’Listen, I won’t even put a sign in the ground.’’ Josh thought it sounded like a good idea, so he agreed to the listing.

Two minutes after the house went live on the multiple listing service, the offers started to flood in. Matthew was calling every ten minutes with updates and when the bidding went over a million, Josh knew he had to sell. The house needed work and the price that was being offered was more than he could have anticipated. He spoke with Matthew and accepted a sale. He hadn’t really planned on it, but as the old saying goes ‘’Money talks, Nobody walks.’’

Matthew promised to help his Uncle find a new place to live (probably rent) and the next day Josh went to a local storage company and signed a deal for a ten by twenty storage locker for six months. It would give him a place to put everything till he was ready to make his move.

Slowly Josh started to pack up and with it, he began to have seller’s remorse. He loved his house. It had a great big lot in the front and an even bigger backyard…



Alan J. Schwarz

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