Don’t Go Back !

Alan J. Schwarz
8 min readMar 15, 2021

Dina LeCroix was the woman Harvey Kastleman fell in love with during his first year of University. She has all the right attributes. She was very pretty, athletic, and cosmopolitan. She came from New York City and she was smart.

Harvey met her at a floor party during his first year of University and couldn’t believe it when she seemed to take an interest in him. After a couple of hours, they left the floor party, went back to her room, and fooled around. They made plans for the weekend and were soon seeing each other regularly.

Harvey was happy. He had met an incredible woman and it was making his University experience, a fantastic one.

After their two-month anniversary dinner, which they celebrated at an incredible restaurant they went to a party that was being hosted by some friends of Dina's from New York City.

The crowd at the party was much different than the people that Harvey would normally hang out with, they were extremely cliquish.

Dina received a very warm welcome, Harvey, not so much. As Dina’s boyfriend, he hung around her but felt uncomfortable as he was basically ignored by her friends. He would try to enter conversations, and they would just look at him and not respond. Dina all of a sudden seemed disinterested or embarrassed by him. It was very strange.

Harvey finally slipped away into the kitchen and there was a woman standing at the stove, putting puffed pastries onto plates. She looked at Harvey and smiled. ‘’Hi, my name’s Joanna, welcome to my place.’’ Harvey introduced himself and Joanna shook her head. ‘’Life is changing. I’ve known Dina for years, she generally doesn’t go out with a guy longer than a month, congratulations. Would you like a cheese puff?’’ Harvey took one and stuck it in his mouth. ‘’Nice meeting you Harvey, I need to go feed my ravenous friends.’’

Joanne walked away and Harvey was in the kitchen by himself. He looked at his watch and it read ten-fifteen. He was ready to go, but how could he get Dina out of the party? He thought about options. Maybe he needed to put the pedal to the metal and mingle. He would try harder, try to socialize more.

He walked into the room and the cliques were still formed. He walked over to a group of women. ‘’Hi, we haven’t met, my name’s Harvey.’’…



Alan J. Schwarz

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