Dating My Friend’s Daughter and Other Real Life Problems…

Alan J. Schwarz
13 min readOct 1, 2021

Frankie Einhorn loved the animation business. He was a partner in a studio called ‘’Power Colour’’ and they operated out of two locations, Toronto and Ottawa. Power Colour was a service business for other Production companies and they created their own series. The big one they were currently working on was for children and it was called ‘’Lucky & Freckles Save The World.’’

The night before Frankie was heading to Ottawa to see how things were progressing on the series and to meet a representative from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (who were going to be the Host broadcasters) he met with his friends Harry and Naomi Weiss for dinner.

Harry and Naomi were exceptionally nice and decent people. Frankie had known them for years. His ex-wife Sandy had been involved with Hadassah Wizo with Sandy and they had built a great friendship. When Sandy announced that she was tired of the marriage and filed for divorce, it had shocked everyone.

Frankie often thought about his ex-wife, they never had any kind of noticeable problems, they had a great sex life, and they got along, so why did she one day just decide to walk away from their marriage. He had asked her a million times so he could have closure but she would never give a straight answer. There was always the suspicion of infidelity or Sandy had met someone but she never admitted it and there were no signs of her sneaking around.

The weeks after Sandy left the house and moved out of Toronto were tough. She set herself up in England and would fly back and forth for settlement meetings. There was no hostility on Frankie’s part just sadness. They had been married seven years and he just wished he had been more perceptive. Naomi and Harry had been excellent friends, and when the divorce was finalized, Naomi told Frankie that he would find his true soulmate, and he had to believe everything happened for a reason.

Harry and Naomi and Frankie were finishing their meals at an excellent Kosher restaurant, ‘’Shalom India,’’ when Frankie told Harry and Naomi that he was going to Ottawa for a couple of days. Naomi got very excited ‘’You have to get in touch with our daughter. Shelby working for a new tech startup. She’s doing amazing.’’ Frankie grabbed the bill for dinner. ‘’Absolutely…

Alan J. Schwarz

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