Covid 19 — Uncharted Territory — A Kinda Love Story

Ira Berkowitz was very busy disinfecting his door knobs and counters. Ever since the plague of Covid 19 showed up in the world, Ira had been preparing for the Apocalypse. He read the news everyday on the internet and Italy looked like some rogue nation had dropped a nuclear bomb on it. He gasped as he saw the rows of army trucks taking corpses of once vibrant people to be burned. Cremation was now the rule of the nation and it made him gag.

The germs in his house were hard to handle. He knew the microbes were around and they sometimes manifested themselves as dust bunnies, but he was trying to stay one step ahead.

Ira didn’t have any underlying medical conditions or so his Doctors had said, but Ira wasn’t convinced. At sixty he was on CPAP and he had high blood pressure and cholesterol. He thought he had more, but there had been no conclusive proof. Ira had been accused of being a hypochondriac, but he resented that label, because he felt every illness was real.

Since the Corona Virus was wrecking havoc on the earth, Ira knew that self isolation was the only way to go. He had stocked up on supplies as soon as word spread about the death and destruction that was hitting societies everywhere.

In order to maintain contact with people, Ira was active on Facebook. He had many friends and even though they were all consumed with their own lives, he made sure to send messages everyday.

Ira was flattered when a woman named Madelaine Litroff posted on Facebook that she thought Ira was amazing for keeping up important news about how the Covid 19 virus was impacting people in Toronto. It was the first time in years that a woman had publicly acknowledged his importance.

After sending a direct message to Madelaine thanking her for the kind compliment, Ira was pleased when she sent him back a lovely note. ‘’Dear Ira, Why is it that when you’re in self isolation that you meet the most incredible guy. I am recently divorced and after reading your posts on Facebook, I know we’d be a perfect match. Would you be interested in Zooming?’’

Ira didn’t know what Zooming was but he was willing to do anything except leave the safety and confines of his home.

Madelaine sent him instructions as to how to reach her and soon they were video chatting to each other. It was superb. Madelaine was beautiful, or at least Ira thought she was. She had short blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and luscious red lips. When she smiled she had brilliant white teeth. Her nose was perfect.

As their conversations started becoming more intimate they decided to meet every night at eleven o’clock. Ira started counting hours and minutes, he couldn’t wait to see Madelaine. A couple of times she started the conversation off while holding a glass of wine and wearing beautiful and reveling lingerie. Madelaine Litroff was the definition of sexy. She had amazing long legs, and her body was perfect. She had perfect proportions. She seemed to be at the gym everyday and Ira appreciated the work she put in. Madelaine was an amazing woman. She was three years younger than he was but she could have been twenty years younger, Ira was convinced he could have won a lot of prizes at country fairs at the guess the age booth.

Ira found his time in self isolation was going fast. He would receive a message from Madelaine that was suggestive and sexy and he would spend the rest of his day thinking about her. Once or twice he dove into his bath to cool off. When Madelaine sent him a picture of her wearing a new bra with the caption ‘’I bought it for you’’ he felt empowered.

Things were moving along fantastically well and Ira was developing very strong feelings for Madelaine. He really thought he was in love. She was there at eleven every night, and he thought she was spectacular.

One night, after Madelaine insisted Ira call her Maddy, she took a sip of wine and laughed. She looked at the screen and wouldn’t stop grinning. ‘’Ira, I am crazy about you. In a few short days you’ve captured my heart, I think I love you.’’

Ira was incredulous, Maddy was feeling the same way he did. He was beyond happy, it was the nicest thing he had ever heard in his life. When he dated Jessica Levinsky and she told him how much she enjoyed his company, that was amazing but this was a whole different level. He looked back at the screen and said the first thing that came into his mind ‘’I want to spend my life with you, I love you too.’’

The online couple took a few seconds to just look at each other and then Maddy did something unprecedented. Something that Ira didn’t expect, she slowly removed her bra to reveal the most perfect breasts that Ira had ever seen.

‘’These girls are yours now Ira. They belong to you forever, and the sooner that you can fondle them, the better.’’ Maddy then slowly started running her hands over her breasts, stopping to play with her nipples. ‘’This is what I like Ira, pay attention, because when we’re together, I expect you to pleasure me every morning, noon and night and I promise to do the same for you. Whey don’t you slide off your underwear and show me your dick.’’

Ira had never publicly exposed himself, and rarely had he done it in private. ‘’What do you call your Johnson, do you have a name for your cock Ira?’’

A strange feeling was coming over Ira, it was a mix of pleasure and embarrassment. Things were moving faster than he could have ever imagined. ‘’Um, I’ve always called my guy ‘’Pickey’’.

Maddy looked quizzically back at him on the screen. ‘’Pickey, Pickey, that’s kind of an interesting name. Okay then, show me your Pickey.’’

Ira didn’t know what to do, was he going to expose himself to Maddy. They had said they loved each other. If he didn’t she would think he was a wuss. There was no choice, he was going to show her his erectile projectile.

He slowly slid his underwear off, praying there was no skid mark and there he was kamikaze. From the screen he heard Maddy breathing more intensely. He looked at the screen and slowly stood up till his groin was even with the camera. He looked down to see a screen that was filled with his Pickey and his balls. He had a strange thought that ‘’Pickey and the Balls’’ would be a great name for a Rock band.

Maddy didn’t say anything for a couple of seconds and he took this to mean he could sit back down. She was staring at the screen with a smile. ‘’I can’t wait to have your pickey deep inside of me. I am also going to kiss those lucky balls when I see them. You and I are going to spend hours in bed. We will be screwing at every opportunity. Now, I have an idea, pack some clothes and get over here right now. We will self isolate together. Instead of worrying about the virus we will fuck our way through the quarantine. How long before you can get to my place? ‘’

Ira put her address into his phone and checked. It would take seventeen minutes. Seventeen minutes to a romp that could last for days.

Ira needed to think things through fully, before he made any decisions and then Maddy did something else unexpected. She pulled off her bikini pants and revealed no hair on her lower part. Ira was mesmerized. She stayed naked for a couple of minutes and slowly put her pants back on.

‘’Honey, what’s keeping you, you’ve seen my body and I’m yours forever. We will have a Great life together and we will be making love twice a day. So haul your ass over here.’’

Ira nodded. ‘’Okay I have to pack. I’ll call you before I leave.’’ He waved and hit the end button.

After Ira hung up he put on the local news and there was a report about the spread of the virus and the impact it was having on local hospitals. They couldn’t keep up with the infections and the ICU was at capacity.

As Ira was throwing his favourite underwear into his suitcase he started to have second thoughts. What if Maddy was incubating the Covid 19 virus, what if her place had germs. What if she infected him. He was safe in isolation, did he want to risk his life for some sex, well lots of sex but would it be worth it? He had seen her gorgeous breasts and perfect puny, but was that worth the health risk? She would think he was an idiot, but he wanted to live a long life and he wasn’t sure that the sex wouldn’t kill him.

Ira waited about twenty minutes and Zoomed his new girlfriend. She looked at him curiously. ‘’I just changed the linen on the bed and I’ve made a fresh pitcher of martinis. Which side of the bed do you prefer to sleep on? Why are you still at home? What’s taking you so long? Don’t worry you can park in my driveway, there’s lots of room.’’

There was a couple of seconds of silence before Ira responded in a very low voice. ‘’I really love you but I’m afraid if I come over to stay with you, maybe I’ll give you the virus, maybe it’s incubating in me. I’d never forgive myself if I made you sick. I think I need to stay in solitary confinement for another thirteen days. You don’t have to worry, I can still show you my Pickey if you’d like.’’

Maddy’s face was no longer smiling, she looked angry. ‘’What the fuck are you saying Ira? You show me your dick and now you’re having second thoughts. What the fuck. I showed you my body, I told you I wanted you deep inside of me, and now you’re backing out. You play with my emotions and my heart. You tell me you love me but your actions don’t match your words. You know Ira I think you’re a big tease. I’m sorry I revealed myself to you, I thought I could trust you. I can’t believe one word you said, you’re a full of shit asshole. I would rather get through my quarantine alone with my vibrator than you. Do me a favour, never contact me again. You’re pathetic, I should never have opened myself up to you, Fuck You Ira Berkowitz.’’ The screen went to black and Ira knew the conversation and his budding relationship with Madelaine Litroff was over.

News of their horrible split must have spread fast. When Ira checked Facebook an hour later, his friend had blocked him.

Ira went to bed that night with a gazillion thoughts running through his head. Firstly, Maddy had an amazing body and he had been privileged to see it up close and personal. He wondered if she would ever forgive him and let him have another look. Making the decision to stay in home isolation as opposed to going into quarantine with Maddy was not as tough a decision as it should have been. As much as he desired company and the sex would have been off the charts, he would have been violating the safe distance rules and if he got sick he would never have forgiven himself. He also thought about the whole situation, it had been completely viral, would they have been able to sustain the passion in person. Lastly Maddy had been incredible and he had enjoyed every single minute (save for the last five) that he had spent with her, and he would miss her. Being confined is not easy and he appreciated the way she brought happiness to his life. In the end though, he knew that leaving isolation could have been dangerous and not smart. He would have to live with the consequences for the rest of his life, but he would be fine. It was better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, and even if it was faux love, they both had shared special feelings and for the first time in his life, he had walked on the wild side.

When the home isolation was over, he would remember the damage that Covid 19 had done, he would also remember a few magical nights with Madelaine Letroff.

Alan Schwarz loves life. He is the founder of JAMS Productions, a television production company based in Toronto . His passion is writing.