Alan J. Schwarz
7 min readNov 2, 2020

Brian Glick loved his wife Emma. She was everything that any man could want in a wife. She was affectionate, funny, pretty and intelligent.

They had been married for six years after meeting in University. Emma’s parents weren’t the friendliest people in the world and when they announced their engagement, instead of being over joyed they seemed to be disappointed.

Emma’s Dad was a very successful developer and had numerous commercial properties and subdivisions that he had built. His Mother-In-Law, Gloria was a fixture on the social scene and a well known philanthropist. She didn’t have much time for others as it was important to be part of the ‘’Girls Group’’ They were a wealthy group of women who traveled around together, and attended charitable events. There was nothing that gave Gloria more pleasure than seeing her name in print.

Brian’s parents were a different story, they were loving, kind and decent. They had a family first attitude. Brian’s Dad, Earnie ran a chain of successful furniture stores. He had taken over the business from his Dad and Uncles and he loved what he did. Brian’s Mom, Jenny was supportive of her husband and active with the local Hadassah Chapter. She helped with the Hadassah Charity Bazaar which donated to local causes. She doted on her three kids and would do anything for them.

Covid-19 had an impact on Earnie who had to lay off staff and close up all the stores. The fact that he owned the properties and had always believed in putting money away for a rainy day had come in useful. Brian was still worried about his parents, but he had been reassured a number of times that everything would be okay.

Emma worked at a Real Estate firm that was owned by a friend of her Fathers. She had gotten her Real Estate license, but spent most of her efforts renting out retail space for her Dad. She was on salary and commission and received healthy checks from her parents as gifts on a regular basis. Her Mother was always pissed off at her as Emma didn’t want to be constantly out on the Charity party circuit. Gloria always blamed Brian for holding her back, as she believed Emma could have been one of the ‘’it’’ women.

The Covid-19 situation was getting worse, and Emma’s office shut down. She was officially home with…

Alan J. Schwarz

Alan Schwarz loves life. He is the founder of JAMS Productions, a television production company based in Toronto . His passion is writing.