Covid-19 and the Miracle of Latkes

Alan J. Schwarz
6 min readDec 13, 2020

Teddy Forsman loved his wife Annabelle more than anything in the world. She was his rock, his supporter, and his best friend. He had read that because of the pandemic during Home Isolation there was a record number of marriages breaking up. Teddy couldn’t understand it. He loved being with his wife.

The biggest problem Teddy had was his inability to not stop eating. He worked out, he walked outside, he did everything he could to keep active, but he was becoming a mound of round.

Annabelle loved to cook and bake it was her thing and he was the official taster. ‘’Honey, I just made a flour less carrot cake and I used some new ingredients, would you like to sample it?’’ Teddy would be in the kitchen in seconds. He would try a piece and that inevitably led to a second piece. Annabelle would have to shoo him away. They both loved the kibitzing.

Teddy and Annabelle had been married three years and their relationship had always been strong. They met each other at a business symposium and they had never looked back.

Annabelle had a Masters Degree in Law and Teddy was a PHD in biotechnology, which meant he evaluated new biotech products that were coming on the market. He provided analysis about the potential of the product to Boyton Bester Inman, an investment firm that he worked for. He had been wrapped up in the test results of different vaccines that were coming on the market to fight Covid-19. He was examining the different pros and cons of each vaccine that was being distributed to the public. It was important and serious work, so a nice piece of carrot cake or a new Tiramisu to taste was a nice diversion and was very much appreciated.

One of the vaccines that was going to come on the market was from China. It was unheralded and nobody knew very much about it. As Teddy studied the medical information from supposed test results, there was something he was missing regarding the Chinese vaccine and he couldn’t figure it out.

Canada had not procured enough vaccines and all the companies that were producing were at max capability, so the Government was planning to stockpile the CS01 Vaccine from China. The one he was studying. Teddy just couldn’t figure out if it was a smart move. There was something bothering him about the vaccine that he…

Alan J. Schwarz

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