Betting On The Wrong Guy…

Alan J. Schwarz
10 min readDec 17, 2021
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Sheldon ‘’The Schemer’’ Leonard was one of the boys. He was known as a guy who was always trying to make a buck outside of his Real Estate business. The interesting thing was sometimes he helped his friends make money, other times they lost their shirts. As an example he had them invest in crypto and they did extremely well. When they invested in ‘’Dog Gone Wild Hot Dog Stands’’ they took a bath.

Most of Sheldon’s friends were skeptical about the latest investment opportunity he proposed. The thing was he promised fun and excitement as well as a return on their investments. He made it sound so unique and cool that they were willing to drink the Kool-Aid.

Admir Morina was an Albanian boxer who had an amateur record of eleven wins, eight losses, and a draw. According to Sheldon, Admir was training for a pre-qualifying fight for a potential serious qualifying fight. If he won the ‘’serious’’ qualifying fight he would be in line for a fight with a boxer who was ranked one hundred and twenty-seventh in the middleweight division. Sheldon who was a big boxing fan was confident Admir was on his way up. He was training at ‘’Belly’s Gym’’ in Cabbagetown with a trainer who had once been an assistant trainer to an assistant trainer who worked for a fighter who had fought for a championship in Thailand. The fighter had lost the bout but according to the assistant trainer to the assistant trainer, the food had been great and worth the trip.

Sheldon’s pitch was simple, if they each ponied up a thousand dollars they could become investors in Admir’s next fight. They would make five hundred bucks each if he won. If he was victorious they would have the right to buy in for his next fight. If he lost, well that would be the end of the road in terms of his boxing future. After a quick round of votes, Admir had six investors and six thousand dollars for his bank account. Sheldon said he’d prepare the contracts.

When it was time to sign on the dotted line, the guys agreed to meet with Admir. It was decided they’d get together for a bite at a Middle Eastern restaurant. They were all sitting at a table at Mahmoud’s Fine Falafel when a frail-looking guy walked in with a taller, stronger-looking man. Sheldon stood up ‘’Admir come and join us.’’ The two men walked over to the table.

Alan J. Schwarz

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