Alan J. Schwarz
8 min readOct 30, 2020

Frankie Calumbo was roommates with Max Luftspring for three years in University. They met as Freshman and shared a room together in residence. It was an interesting relationship, Frankie was from a gregarious and large Italian family, and Max was an only child. His parents were lovely people but they were more on the introverted side.

As Max and Frankie got to know one another they discovered that even though they were raised by different types of families, they shared much in common. There was a ton of respect for their elders, they never wanted to do anything that would disgrace the family name, and finally they wanted to make their families proud.

Frankie was studying Mass Communications, he was interested in how the media worked and he thought often about getting involved in the broadcasting business. He thought about becoming a reporter for a television station.

Max was more interested in business. He wanted to grow his family’s business (which was a car dealership) and expand the brand.

As University progressed so did the bond between Frankie and Max. When Frankie met his future wife in third year University, there was nobody happier than Max. Ruthie Lombardi was a doll. She started bringing meals she made over to their off campus apartment, and she was constantly trying to fix Max up with her friends.

When University ended, Frankie had his dream come true when he was offered a job with a local television station. Max continued his education and got his MBA and went home to get involved in the family car dealership.

Both families were very proud of their son’s accomplishments. When Frankie married Ruthie, the Wedding party lasted for an entire weekend and Max had an incredible time. He had been dating a girl named Margaux and she accepted his invitation to go to the Wedding with him. Over the weekend they realized they were meant for each other and exactly a year later they were celebrating their marriage.

Frankie and Max kept in touch on a regular basis and Frankie called one day to ask Max his opinion. A station in Los Angeles offered him a job to be their Investigative Reporter. The job came with a big salary but it was a dirty business. He would be confronting scammers and dealing with the under belly of society. Max wasn’t…

Alan J. Schwarz

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